What Makes A Relationship Stronger ?- Best Quotes With Images For Couples 2019!

What can make a relationship stronger?

It is important to know that a healthy relationship should have the following:

  • Trust.
  • Honesty.
  • Connection.
  • Self-love.
  • Good communication.

These are essential qualities of a good relationship.

Below are the best relationship quotes, that you should read and share with your partner!




relationship 1

relationship 2














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What If Everything You Knew About Sports Fitness Is Wrong? – Read To Find Out!

Every athlete has a dream of becoming a star in their sport.

They prepare hard every single day and when success follows, what do they say?

They tell you it is the effort they put in preparation that led to their success.

Well, what exactly are those efforts?

To be a great athlete is about more than just being great at a sport!

But what exactly spurs an athlete to go from good to great?

A good athlete will train hard but a great athlete trains harder plus has the following 4 traits:

  1. Has confidence – having true confidence is a choice!
  2. Has a teachable spirit – a good athlete always looks at any correction as a form of criticism, but a great athlete is willing to make corrections as a compliment and an opportunity to improve.
  3. Competitive perseverance a great athlete quickly recovers from a mistake and avoids being discouraged. A positive, competitive and persevering sportsperson is mentally tough.
  4. Discipline – discipline is exhibited through enthusiasm, attentiveness, personal responsibility and sportsmanship.


We all want to be the best version of ourselves, especially if you are an athlete.

Well, the difference between the average athletes and elite athletes is how well they train and the types of agility workouts they tend to focus on.

Agility training is a must for athletes who want to be better performers since it brings out the best in them.

What’s Agility Training?

This is the ability to be able to start, stop and manage to change direction as quickly as possible while maintaining a proper body posture.

Is Agility A Fitness Component?

Agility fitness combines strength, power, balance, reaction time, flexibility, anticipation, coordination and muscular control.

Well, after years of training and working with professional trainers, I came to determine the importance of agility training, and why improving your ligaments is very important in athletes and all sportspersons, plus reasons why agility workouts are very useful for your overall health. 

As an athlete we know how dangerous it can be to stretch your body to the maximum capacity which it can handle, but how can we avoid finding ourselves in this situation?


Is agility training the solution?

What is agility? Agility is the ability to switch the direction which your body is heading without losing your body stability or balance.

What Does Speed, Agility and Quickness Entail?

Speed and agility workouts are designed to work on your hips, core muscles and leg strengths.


This refers to the general speed which allows you to be able to move your legs and arms in a straight line as quick as possible.

This is usually referred to as the linear speed.

If you notice that you are having a hard time keeping up with or constantly breaking away from your competitors or even your teammates, then this is definitely the best workout for you.


Workouts that focus on improving your quickness enhance your natural reflexes which help you move very fast in everything you do.

For those who lack explosiveness in their first few steps or have trouble to get their body into position very quickly.

Then quickness workouts would increase your reaction time and be a quicker athlete.

For speed, exercises focus on doing fast but steady movements.

For the strength exercises focus on doing good easy repetitions which should be performed in a great form, making sure your muscles are feeling every single moment.

Please note that it is important to do warm ups and cool downs before and after the speed and agility workouts.

All in all, it is your rep scheme and intensity that will definitely change your workload.




Why Do Athletes Need Agility?

3 Proven Reasons Why Agility Workout Should Never Miss On Your Daily Workout Routine.

  1. Improves Your Coordination, Balance, quickness and Injury Prevention.

Agility workouts are very important in every sport. It makes you a better athlete.

Have you ever watched gymnasts performing on a balance beam?

Their movements are usually fluid, dynamic and perfectly balanced. All these skills are due to agility training, which enables the body to be able to balance perfectly while performing the dynamic movements.

Agility training mainly focuses on flexibility; increase control and body balance, allowing your body to maintain a proper body posture.

While it significantly improves all these features, agility workouts also lower the risk of potential injuries that may occur in your daily activities.

Your body learns good body placement through this body workouts, meaning the sensitive areas like your knees, shoulders and lower back are carefully protected while you moving faster.

Sports injuries are usually very devastating; therefore by utilizing the proven methods of strengthening, stretching and body awareness, athletes would prevent injuries especially the knee injuries.

  1. Mind and body connection.

Agility, speed, quickness, coordination, and strength do not just come from moving faster or lifting more weight.

It comes from your body and mind being able to communicate with each other more quickly, resulting in the creation of a good mind and a healthy body connection which greatly improves the athletes’ performance.

It is also designed to keep you in the right mindset in whatever sport you are participating in.

  1. Increased short term results.

Often, agility workouts are also High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises, which usually produce noticeable results within a short period of time.

While you are working out, you should try to engage all your muscles which would translate into a much greater result.

This also helps to improve your recovery time, by building the strength of the musculoskeletal system.

weight loss 18

How Often Should I Do Agility Drills?

Agility workouts should be done in 2 to 3 days per week.

The agility drills should be done immediately before your strength training or if not during this time then it should be done as a separate workout between 4 to 8 hours before or later than your strength training session.

 Benefits Of Speed And Agility Workouts.

  1. Increase athleticism.
  2. Develop your overall confidence.
  3. Improve your fitness level.
  4. Help reduce the risk of sustaining injuries.
  5. It is an absolute way of connecting with your kids and spouse.
  6. Most importantly it is good for older adults since it helps improve their dynamic balance which is great. This would allow them to remain functionally strong and independent in their late years.


How Can You Improve Your Agility? and What Are The Best Agility Workouts?

The following are the best 3 agility workouts that every athlete should try for better performance:

  1. Agility Dots (16 reps).

Imagine 4 dots on the ground and jump an x pattern across those dots, make sure you touch each dot in the 4 round.

Start from the bottom left corner, jump diagonally forward on the right dot then straight across to the top left, then diagonally back to the bottom right then finally to where you originally started to the bottom left.

  1. Lateral Hops.

You should do 16 reps on each leg. Push wider and wider, as you go on and keep the motion going as quickly as possible as you cover as much distance as you can.

  1. Squat Jumps.

Drop down at squat very nice and low, and then jump as higher up as you possibly can. Do 16 reps of this workout.

  1. Ventral Hops.

Start with a small nice hop then as you go on let it get bigger and bigger.

Try to challenge yourself to jump as far as you can, but make sure you keep it under control.

  1. Lateral Jumps (Do 16 reps).

Use a full lateral jump with both legs at the same time rather than just one leg.

Start with small jumps to long wide jumps and push as hard as you can, but do not go past that control point.

Remember to try to stay as low as possible.

  1. Jumping Lunges.

Drop down to a lunge and jump directly back up.

Try to switch your feet as first as you can dropping back down as fast as you can with the opposite leg forward.

Complete 16 reps.

8 Best Upper and Lower Agility Ladder Drills.

  1. In and out jumps.
  2. Hand over hand.
  3. In and outs (fast hands).
  4. Alternating jump lunges with squats.
  5. Alternating side lunges.
  6. Plyometric push-ups.
  7. Splits jump with rotation.
  8. Plyo push ups with knee tuck.

How long should an agility session be?

Agility training should take approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

Benefits of agility ladder drills.

  • Helps you to acknowledge several moving samples.

 This enables you to switch your position in all possible directions, and improve your footwork and move your foot quickly through the ladder.

  • Improves your overall stamina and quickness.

 This is achieved by quickly repeating certain drills, thus the foot can quickly adopt the sample of movements improving your overall leg movement.

  • The agility ladder is very useful in achieving great flexibility with your body.
  • Greatly improves your balance and coordination.

Doing these drills will not only help with agility but they will really boost your endurance levels and speed!

Focusing on improving your quickness, speed and agility would really help you to improve your overall performance which would lead to more desirable results.


What does it mean to have mental agility? – especially in athletes.

Mental agility refers to mental quickness and sharpness.

Top athletes should have the ability to think fast, calculate a winning move as quickly as possible in order to be so good at what they do.

Why Is Mental Agility Important? 

Not only does it make you a better performer but it also guarantees great brain and emotional health.

How Can I Improve My Mental Agility?

  1. Exercise your body.
  2. Learn to meditate daily.
  3. Train yourself to memorize stuff.
  4. Build your will power.
  5. Take time to relax.
  6. Challenge your intellect and memory.

In conclusion, agility training is not only for the athletes but also for anyone looking to keep fit, lose weight and maintain a great body pasture.

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After Struggling With My Sexual Desires – I Discovered The Unthinkable!

I remember when I started dating, sex couldn’t have been better! Everything felt so wanting and felt so wild and free.

I would listen to some of my friends declaring how they loved their partners but did not feel as sexually attracted to them as before.

They would say how their sexual desires had gone way down and how they would force themselves every night to act like everything was okay but in reality, it wasn’t.

At some point that made me wonder how it could be possible to love and at the same time not feel sexually attracted to your partner.

Well surprisingly as years went by the unthinkable happened I came to find myself in the same shoes!

My sex drive started to wane; it went from hot sex and romance to a complete desert of deprived fulfillment. We used to do it daily but graduated to once every 3 weeks.

I must confess having different sexual desires with your partner can be very devastating.

Loss of sexual desires in women is very common and the saddest part it’s not like men’s complaints of erectile dysfunction, which can be medically cured. For women, you are not likely to get cured just by merely popping a pill.

sex 1

So one day I thought, “Something had to change before it’s too late!”

I knew something had to change but didn’t know what to do.

I tried reading sex education books, listen to relationship advisors but nothing changed I still found myself struggling to bring back my sexual desires.

So one day I came across an interesting name on a book cover, which I ended up buying. That time I wasn’t that confident reading a romance book in public so I would read it in closed doors.

This marked the beginning of my love for romance novels!

The book was very interesting plus with time I found out it really turned me on in a major way.

So what did I do?

I would pounce at my boyfriend and give it to him like never before!

sex 2

Sex started to be great again. I remember reading about something then it hit me, “hmmm wow I like the idea, I think I should give it a try.”

When my boyfriend figured what had brought about the change he didn’t mind, he would tease me and we would laugh and keep on.

With time I became completely open-minded about the romance novels and was thankful that it rescued my sinking relationship.

One thing I came to learn and tell most of my friends is that, even if you think your sex life and your relationship is great, it is not always going to stay that way forever.

You need to find ways that would spice up and add some excitement to your relationship. There are many deeper and greater ways that would really help you in improving your relationship, which does not necessarily mean changing sexual positions but so much more.

Surprisingly enough just as books are an amazing source of knowledge, reading such novels helped me download the knowledge and the ideas of others and upload them into my brains.

Whether you feel you are extremely confident in bed, there is always a great reason why you should be open minded and be willing to learn more!

This would make your future experiences better!

The following are 5 lessons I have learned from reading romance novels that you may be missing out big time!

  1. Sex is more than just physical.

Our sexual connection runs deep inside and hits us at our most vulnerable!

There is always an emotional connection whenever you are intimate with someone, therefore you should be careful who you sleep with.

The connection is usually so much stronger than the physical.

Romantic erotic novels helped me to discover how to connect emotionally with my partner and be able to reciprocate it in bed.

  1. Communication in the bedroom is key.

Experimenting with different things in bed can be good, however, if you feel uncomfortable with some you should always say so.

The new ideas may be great but as soon as you begin feeling nervous, you have to put a stop onto that and a good partner will appreciate and respect your honesty.

  1. There’s always something new to try.

Having said that (point 2), this does not necessarily mean that this should be the end of your ideas, No!

The sex world is full of different new positions and styles, all you have to do is go and explore them!

  1. Learn to embrace your inner freak!

This includes the good, the bad and the weird. You should own every fantasy that you have ever imagined!

Trust me freakiness won’t send your partner running, but instead, it will make him stay glued to you since it makes everything in the bedroom to be more enticing!


  1. Sex is not just about orgasm!

For women, sometimes sex feels so good without an endgame!

There should be no race to an organism, take it as a journey full of pleasure and sensation.

Most of the time when a man focuses on making his woman orgasm, a very high probability she won’t.

But when you slow down and focus on your partner’s sensations, you will both relax and be able to enjoy every single bit which may lead to an intense orgasm.

Well as I conclude, I would like to say this 2019 I nominate Sam Crescent & Stacy Espino to join the list of my best fiction, erotica, romance authors!

I have been reading one of his book series Killer of Kings and if you haven’t read it yet, you are really missing out.

Below is a short book review of the eBooks in this series, trust me they are very interesting!

  1. Hard to Get.

“Shadow keeps to himself, never mixing business with pleasure. Business is killing. Pleasure is the girl next door”

Click Here Read The Book!


  1. Claiming His Prize.

“He never planned to take her…

There was something about the waitress with the black eye. She made him remember where he came from, and he knew he couldn’t stand back and do nothing.”

Click Here To Read The Book!


  1. El Diablo.

“Is the devil capable of love?

Can a killer fall in love with his cleaner, or will he add her to his hit list?

Xavier doesn’t do trust. He breaks. He kills. After living through hell, he’s transformed himself into El Diablo, the baddest motherfucker around.

His only weakness is the sister he lost as a child—the one Boss promises to help him locate. The only catch is he has to work for Killer of Kings and learn to play nice with the other hitmen. He does his job, determined to prove himself.

Then she walks into his life, and nothing is ever the same.”

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  1. Taking Her Innocence.

“With the odds against them, and death waiting around every corner, can they find true love in each other? Or is Viper only interested in taking her innocence?

Viper has always been a bastard, a nightmare, death for hire. He’s known for his swift kills, so he isn’t surprised when he’s offered seven figures for a new hit.

It’s supposed to be a quick find and eliminate. When his mark turns out to be an innocent twenty-year-old with big blue eyes, he shouldn’t care one way or another—but he does. Viper wants to keep her for himself.”

Click Here To Get The Book!


  1. Broken Bastard.

“No mercy. No pity. No women.

Bain has always worked solo, refusing to allow anyone to lord over him. His life has been fucked up enough, and he’s learned trust comes with a price.

Scarlett struggles to move up in a career where appearances are everything. She wants to hate Bain but finds herself intrigued by his story. Is it the reporter in her wanting to know more…or the woman falling for a broken man?”

Click Here To Get The Book!


  1. Charming Asshole.

“He’s a killer. She’s raising his son. He’s coming back for both of them.” What will happen?

Click Here To Read More`.


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Are You Trapped In Financial Struggles? Which is better: Employment on a full-time job or Being self-employed.

My honest truth is that, I hate having to work a 9-5 job.

However, at some point when I think about it, I like the idea of it: the comfort, the security but it is just not for me!

Well, I don’t mind working with people to get things done in a 9-5 job, but I just don’t have the desire to win the approval of my superiors.

I realize we all have different opinions. Some of you may be more comfortable being in a situation where other people are responsible for their earnings because you find security in that. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But as for me my mantra is always to lead from the front and do it my own way.


A lot of people dream of running their own company at some point in their lives, but they are still working to help build someone else’s assets.

If you are part of this group, it is high time you asked yourself, “why are you not working for yourself ?”

Let’s assume you are too focused on saving more money for the rainy day. Well, it makes sense and saving is definitely smart but it is not going to help you make money!

What you are doing here, is making a fixed income and just putting money aside and when the rainy days come you might find yourself using all of your savings and end up with nothing and no other sources of income apart from your 9-5 job, which will take you right back to square one!

The Worst Feeling Ever Is When You Think You Have Adjusted Then Things Go Back To Square ONE!

Why then don’t you invest your money in your business, well you don’t have to quit your 9-5 but at least this way you will watch your money grow!

I know its hard to get something started, but you have to take a chance. It might not take off immediately but that does not necessarily mean that you are a failure. Just be patient and let your business find its footing!


Click Here to BUY NOW! On Amazon at only $5


To get rich is not all about being employed or being an entrepreneur BUT it is all about the value of the assets you own.

However, to achieve your own freedom of having to do whatever you want, whenever you want without anyone’s permission is what distinguishes a successful entrepreneur from other successful employees.

I mean, why should you be rich and still feel like you are in a cage?

What’s the purpose of being rich?

So how do we face our small demons, and decide to take the risk of starting something of our own?

Doing what everyone else does, tends to create a sense of security. And when we decide to go another way and start something of our own, we have people telling us it’s risky. That there is a chance of failure. That we have to work too hard.

Most of us are trained and made to think that we should be perfect.

This thought is what kills our inner ability to start something of our own!

This thought leads to the following:

  • Procrastination.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Poor planning.

You should be determined to face these inner demons and go ahead to make it big through hard work, tenancy, sheer will and being at the right place at the right time with the right idea in mind!

In conclusion, becoming successful in your own business is more about your psychology, mentality and determination. You should focus more on setting and achieving small incremental business goals rather than trying to instantly build your business vision.

self-employment ideas 1
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Once you finally get out of your comfortable career rut, that’s when you will discover the benefits of having something of your own.

It takes a lot to start a business and grow it to profitability Escape 9-5 & Be An Unflappable Entrepreneur is a realistic guide that shows you the ins and outs of investing to become a self-made entrepreneur.

You will also learn:

  • Genius ways of making money online.
  • How to be a beast in online sales.
  • How to close sales like a machine.
  • How to effectively build your brand & start generating sales.
  • Best email marketing strategies to implement on your online business.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • How To Effectively Get Good Return On Investment (ROI).

The eBook is now available at a discounted price of 10$ off.

You can now buy at $5!

Be sure to buy now before the offer expires!


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Ultimate Guide For Writing An Insanely Best Selling eBook.

Is selling eBooks profitable?

Ebook business can be a life changer especially for those whose aim is to create a steady stream of income.

The arrival of eBooks has completely transformed our modern world today!

Therefore, if you are curious to know whether it is possible to earn passive income today through the power of eBooks.

Then the answer is YES.

First, what’s an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic book which can be accessed on any other digital platform such as mobile, desktop, tablet e.t.c

There are typically 2 types of eBooks.

  • Paid eBooks.
  • Free eBooks.

Paid eBooks are meant to generate sales and profits while the free eBooks are often used by bloggers and businesses as a clever marketing tactic for effective lead generation.

So if you are interested in getting into the eBook business, but have not yet started because maybe you are worried about how you will find the time, or not sure if you will succeed, then don’t worry.

This article will give you a complete guide to creating a profitable eBook in just 30 days maximum.

However, as much as this sounds easy, it is also good to keep in mind that even though it is possible to make money selling eBooks, just like any other kind of business, success does not come overnight.

You will have to put in a lot of hard work in order to succeed.

Having an eBook with your name would transform you from a mere blogger to an impressive author!

The following are 3 reasons why you should start writing your first eBook today!

1. A valuable eBook would greatly help in acquiring new email subscribers.

Having a good email list of subscribers is very important in your marketing strategies. Why?

You will have direct customers who have already proven to have loved your previous work, therefore, the high probability is that they will be willing to pay you in future for your information.

A list of email subscribers gives you the opportunity to market your future eBooks to the right targeted audience.

2. Having an authoritative eBook makes you look like an expert.

If you would like to build your name or brand in your niche, then eBook is a great way to start with, in order to build your credibility and authority.

3. Allows you to be your own boss.

You can be able to work from anywhere and whenever you feel like.

You will have total control of your business!

If you are a blogger, then selling eBooks can also be a great way to monetize your blog.

Before we jump into our guide, we need to set these points clear so as to help you get your mindset clear!

  • You do not need to have a popular blog that generates massive traffic, in order to start making money selling your eBooks.

You can sell an eBook even when you have two visitors in your blog! It all depends on how well you advertise them.

  • You do not need to spend all of your time in creating an eBook that makes money.

You can create a great eBook that sells within weeks, as long as you use the best tactics and strategies in creating it.

It is important to note that the amount of time you spend on your eBook, does not guarantee you success if you are not doing it the right way.

We will show you how to do it right.

Make money online 7

How Do You Write A Successful eBook?

Writing a successful eBook is not as hard as most people think.

You simply need to have great strategies and you will be all set to start writing, publish and begin to earn!

So let’s dive into the most important question that you need to ask yourself before you begin writing.

How Do You Choose A Profitable Niche?

STEP 1: Make a list of what you know.

You need to come up with a list of the things that you have intimate knowledge of.

It can be from your life experiences, work experience, your surroundings or maybe a niche that you are somewhat familiar with.

Remember you do not need to be an expert of any of that, all that is important is putting yourself in your reader’s shoes.

STEP 2: Adjust your list.

You adjust your list by removing topics that you are not that interested in.


Because you have to keep in mind that you are going to be spending all your time and energy on whatever niche you end up choosing.

So the question you should ask yourself is “Are you willing to devote all your energy and time into a niche that you will end up getting so bored with?”

STEP 3: Narrow down your niche.

Narrowing down your niche would greatly help in finding the right topics to write for your eBook, plus you will have the right audience to promote it to, on your blog.

So how do you narrow down?

You narrow down by taking the niche that you finally feel like you are more interested in, then making it be a niche specific.

For example, if you end up in a travelling niche, then these topics can fit in to make it more specific e.g travel in Australia, Travelling budget, e.t.c

STEP 4: Learn if there is a passion or a problem.

Do you know the two main reasons as to why people search or make purchases online?

They are either passionate about what they are searching for, or they are looking to solve a problem.

Therefore from your final list, you need to narrow it down once more to end up with those niche topics that either has a passion or/and problems.

You should take your time in identifying the problems, pain points, challenges, desires and aspirations that your niche audience has.

Then the next step is to pick the profitable problems.

Your audience’s problems are not usually equal, so what’s the difference?

There are two types of problems;

  • One that your audience would gladly pay for in order to solve them.
  • One that is very hard to sell!

This way you will find the right voice for your audience!

To effectively narrow down the list you need to ask yourself, what are people online asking about that given subject?

This is where you conduct your research!

There are so many platforms out there which would help you get what you are looking for.

STEP 5: Check the search volume and compare competition.

This step will guide you to figure out the problems that people are willing to pay for.

You can approach this step by finding out;

  • The total monthly searches related to a specific problem.
  • The total monthly searches that intend to solve the problem.
  • The number of good-quality free information that can be found online.

Once you discover what people are searching for online, you will need to find the right keywords and their monthly search volumes.

This is very essential since it would help you get the right audience, and determine the popularity of your keywords so that you do not end up creating an eBook that only a few are interested in reading.

As much as it is important to check on popularity, it is also important to avoid those keywords that are very popular and competitive as a beginner.

Why? Because it will take you a long way to climb up to the ladder of success.

STEP 6: Find out what makes you better or different from your competitors.

You need to be unique!

Study your competitors and instead of copying them, come up with a strategic idea that makes you better from them.

You can also aim to understand the language of your audience and in return use it to describe your ideal solutions, so as to echo the language back at them.

The following are some 9 dumb mistakes that you should avoid!

  1. Choosing a topic that you know so little about.
  2. Thinking like a writer, not a marketer while writing your eBook.
  3. Jumping into writing without a plan.
  4. Writing only when you feel like (always procrastinating) – if you do not build your writing consistency then you will never build your momentum.
  5. Quitting along the way.
  6. Writing without creating a backup – you can do this by emailing yourself copies of your written chapters.
  7. Using the first e-book title that comes in your mind.
  8. Forgetting to link your eBook back to your blog.
  9. Trying to cover too much ground without going deeper.

The Following Are Powerful Tips For Creating Your First Successful eBook.

1. Do not write for the money.

Do not choose a niche topic to write about just because you think it will make you fast money.

You may end up realizing that the market is very saturated and only the big established names on that niche are selling well.

2. Give yourself a limited amount of research.


A lot of eBook writers find themselves stuck in the research stage, just going through lots of articles and resources again and again which may be time-consuming.

While some may end up giving up along the way even before they start writing because they already feel the pressure.

Instead, give yourself an estimated time for your research, this could be 2 weeks of pure research or you can breakdown your research each time you are going to write a new chapter.

3. Read similar eBooks.

Reading similar eBook gives you ideas on various topics that you might not have thought about.

In addition, it will help you scale up in trying to provide more relevant information that is not included in the competitors eBook.


After reading the eBook, try to ask yourself these questions;

  • What could I do to improve the eBooks value?
  • Has the eBook completely answered all my questions?
  • I’m I fully satisfied with the provided information or at some point did I find myself going back to Google to search for something the author mentioned but failed to explain it deeper?

 4. Always be certain of the facts and statistics that you are giving out.

You need to get your facts and statistics from reputable sources such as through government publications, look for original studies and many more.


Because sadly, some authors come up with their own facts and statistics that suit them, and this may affect you big time!

5. Always imagine you are talking to your friend or educating them.

This way you will find a voice that speaks directly to the reader and on most occasions, you won’t find yourself stranded in the middle.

make money online 8

Here’s How To Write A High-Quality eBook in 30 Days Maximum.

DAY (1 -2)

Brainstorm on topic ideas.

  • Decide on the topics that you would like to write about by coming up with different ideas.
  • If you are active on social media you can post your ideas and find out how many people would like to know more (online survey).

Either way, you decide to do it, just remember you are only limited to a maximum of 2 days to come up with a solid idea of what you will write about.

Day (3-4)

Create an outline.

An outline will guide you on how you will work without getting stuck in the middle.

Generally, an outline is your roadmap!

  • Start with your conclusion. That is what exactly you would like to accomplish at the end of the eBook.
  • Go ahead and make a list of the main chapters. (Make sure each chapter flows very well in the learning process).
  • Take a look at similar eBooks and note down chapters which appear in almost every eBook, to avoid missing out on an important topic.

This would help your writing process to be very easy and fast!

Day (5-25)

Start writing your eBook.

If your word count target is 25,000 words then divide that with the number of days, so as to know how many words you should complete in a day before you go to sleep.

In this case, it would be 25,000/25 = 1000 words per day.

The following are some few tips to help you reach your daily word target for your eBook.

  • Choose the best times that you are more focused during the day.

If you work best in the morning then, commit yourself to wake up early in the morning and start working on your eBook.

If you work best at night then dedicate yourself to make sure you commit yourself into completing the word count before you go to sleep.

  • Do not edit your eBook while writing.

Do not worry about creating perfect content that has no grammatical errors or poor sentences stricture. Just write!

  • Get rid of all distractions while writing.

NOTE that, as days go by, you will already have developed a great continues writing habit.

Day 26.

Do not touch the eBook.

Stay away from your eBook.

Even if you get more ideas coming in, note them somewhere and take the day off.

This will help freshen your mind.

Day ( 27-28)

Go through your whole eBook making changes like;

  • Adding missing information.
  • Removing any material that has been covered elsewhere in the book.
  • Check whether there are some sub-chapters that need to be rearranged in a certain order, to make the writing flow in order.
  • Fix your typing errors and grammar mistakes.

Day (29-30)

Read once more slowly and carefully to thoroughly check your content.

You can share it with your trusted friend to help you pinpoint places which you have missed out on something.

This time focus on these;

  • Confusing sentences.
  • Missing words – this is usually very common.
  • Misspellings.

From just one month you would have an eBook that will make you money for months and years to come!

Before I conclude there is one more common question that most people ask that is;

How Long Should An eBook Be To Sell? Or Is there a correct length for an ebook to sell?

Well, some experts believe most readers prefer a shorter eBook than long written eBooks while some say the best selling eBooks are the long ones… so what’s the right length for your eBook?

I believe an eBook should be as long as it needs to be in order to get the whole point across!

Try not to focus on the length but rather the information you are giving out.

However, having an eBook that is less than 30 pages is a bit shorter.

I would suggest that you always try to go past the 60-page mark as long as you are providing valuable information.

Just work on your eBook and refine it! Avoid being obsessed with the length.

If you are still not convinced with the length, then check out the most successful eBooks in your category range from how many words, then consider writing to a similar length.

How Do I Self-Publish An eBook?

Without the right process, learning how to self publish can be a painful experience.

But first, why should you self-publish?

Long gone are the days when we had to look for agents to publish our books!

Self-publishing is the best move to make as an author since it gives you complete control of your creative and selling process.

So what steps should you take to successfully publish an eBook?

1. Create an eBook.

2. Design the cover of your eBook.

The following are some few things you should consider while designing your eBook.

  • Own Photo Rights Be aware of the copyright laws to avoid getting in trouble with Google.
  • Choose the right colour – The colour of your eBook cover plays a very important role in the selling and marketing process since it is always the first impression on your audience. Our brains process colours faster than words.

Choose a colour scheme that matches well with the emotion of your eBook plus the eBook’s tone

3. Choose your preferred eBook format.

This is the most important phase since it ensures your content is not edited.

You should choose an eBook format that is readable, meaning it can be easily read in any device such as smartphones, laptops, tablets e.t.c

The following are the most commonly used eBook formats:

1. PDF

These are commonly used today because of their ease of use and its ability to maintaining high-end formats and designs.

PDF’s do not offer authors great copy protection and they cannot be sold in a Kindle store or iBookstore.

2. EPUB.

Apart from PDF, EPUB is also commonly used today.

They have strong copy protection and are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected which makes it be the most preferred format for authors.

There are 2 types of EPUB which include:

  • Fixed layout EPUB – This format gives users a more sophisticated design, it supports animations, interactivity and high-end designs.
  • Reflowable EPUB – This format adjusts itself to fit in any screen size since the files are reflowable.

It’s important to note that even if the reflowable EPUB can adjust to any screen size, it also has a flat linear design which makes the images to float with the text.

Therefore, if you would like a good looking eBook then EPUB this is the best format for you.

3. TXT.

These files are strictly texted only; they do not support any type of graphics or images.

They lack Digital Rights Management protection (DRM), formatting, interactivity and fixed layout.

4. AZW.

These files were developed by Amazon and are also known as Kindle files.

They have DRM protection which restricts readers to only use them on Kindles or Kindle apps.


Choosing the right eBook format is very important, and this is where most eBook authors make their biggest mistake!

To avoid these mistakes you must know:

  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • Where will you find most of your audience?
  • What does your eBook contain? (Is it plain text, has images and graphs).


4. Price your eBook.

There are several factors that you should consider before pricing your eBook, this includes:

  • Your eBook length.
  • It’s quality.
  • The genre.
  • Book Royalty percentage (This is the percentage of the price you would receive for your eBook at retail price).

This means that if you are selling your book on Amazon at $8.99 with a 70% royalty then this means you will receive $6.29 of that $8.99.

Royalty varies through multiple retailers, some may be more some less.

It is important to note that, if you are going to distribute your eBook through multiple retailers then your price should be the same on all selected platforms.

However, if you find that your price isn’t working you can always adjust if you are self-publishing.


5. Decide on how you want to publish your eBook.

It can either be through hiring an eBook aggregator who would format your eBook then publish and distribute it for you, or you can decide to self publish and do it yourself like a pro.

If you decide to self-publish your eBook, you will most definitely need more than just your eBook content.

Retailers usually have some standard requirements for each eBook before publishing.

The requirements differ on the different platforms however the following is a list of general information that you should have before you head on to publish your eBook:

1. Have a book title.

You should use the exact cover title of your eBook

2. Subtitles.

If your eBook has subtitles then you should add keywords on them.

3. Add the primary author and book contributors.

The name of the author should be included plus an “about the author” section.

If you were working with any translator, co-authors, editors e.t.c it is good to give them credit, since they contributed to the success of your eBook.

4. Include A description of your eBook.

Write a great intriguing sales description that would make your readers want to read your eBook. Make sure you point out the key concept of the eBook.

5. Edition number.

If you are going to be updating your eBook regularly, it is important to include the edition numbers to ensure your readers know the newest version.

6. Specify your publishing rights.

Verify your publishing rights by specifying if the eBook is owned or it’s a public domain.

Public domain means that the eBook is out of copyright meaning someone else can make another version of it, and who knows maybe they will end up selling it better than you or it will be available for free and no one would want to purchase yours since there’s a free version.

In this case, you most likely should verify it not being a public domain and that you hold all the necessary publishing rights.

7. Category.

You will need to find out what niche category your eBook belongs to, to help your readers searching on these categories to find your eBook.

  1. Gather publishing information.
  2. Choose eBook retailers.
  3. Finally, publish your eBook.


How Do I Promote My eBook?

The following are great ways to promote your eBook even when you don’t have money:

  1. Create a killer landing page.
  2. Use your website to promote it – you can add a pop-up eBook banner e.t.c.
  3. Use social media.
  4. Explore content sharing platforms such as medium, scoop.it e.t.c
  5. Invest your time on email marketing.


Start Your eBook Business Today and Avoid Procrastination!

Feel Free To Comment Below, Your Feed Back Is Highly Appreciated!

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You have the power to build an unstoppable business today!

Always remember this, We Become What We Think About!

Watch this video today to change your life…

 2019 World’s Most Profitable Side Hustle! – Make Money Online Today.

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Ultimate Guide: Best Strategies To Make Money Blogging.

Can I make a passive income through blogging?

Absolutely Yes!

There are plenty of bloggers out there like Ewdison Then, Peter Rojas and Pete Cashmore among others who are earning over 6-figures from just blogging.

Some started blogging just as a hobby but with time their blogs turned out to be their major online success in making money.

Therefore, if you are out there wondering if you can do the same, then I assure you today that it is very possible to achieve that dream and start making money online.

make money online

I remember when I finally made the decision to finally quit my job and start chasing my online success, I thought to myself;

“Never will I have to work for someone to make them rich while I get a very small percentage of their success.”

“Never again will I have to care about someone else bottom line!”

“Never again will I ever have to worry about what I would do to get promoted.       

“Never again will I worry about being fired and start again from zero to look for another job.”

I must admit that coming to the final decision of quitting my job was really hard.

A greater part in me was very hesitant to make that next step of my life.

I kept on postponing and assuring myself that the following month I would write a resignation letter but 3 months passed by, when I never made my final firm decision to finally quit.

So after the 3 months, I got pregnant with my first child and this is what motivated me to finally step up boldly and quit my job to start something of my own.

All my life I always visioned myself being that mother who is always there to raise my kids and not pay someone else to do it for me.

I always wanted to give my all to my children and nature them to be the best version of themselves.

So when I found out I was pregnant I immediately took the step and up to date, I don’t regret it I only wish I did that early enough.

What did this mean?

This meant pay decrease and had to put extra effort in order to start making my own money online.

However, in the long run, it is one of the best career choices that I have ever made!

make money online 1

So back to blogging…

Is it easy? Absolutely Not!

I will be very frank with you and not beat around.

Blogging is tough and in most cases not predictable!

I am not trying to discourage anyone but this is the plain truth.

However, with the right help, you will manage to be successful in blogging and finally get your breakthrough in online success.

We all want to make money, right?

So maybe you started running a blog since you heard it was an easy way to make money online while you are at home, or maybe you are like me, you wanted to have something of your own!

Whichever the case, I want to tell you today that it is very possible to make money online, but only if you do it right.

You could end up making enough money to support your needs, expenses, your family and more.

You have to challenge yourself to learn how to start a blog today and making money through it.

I have created an ultimate guide that will show you the exact strategies and techniques for starting a blog and actually start making money out of it.

So let’s get into it.

So how do I start a blog business and get paid?

Before we proceed I would like to point out that;

  • If you think you can make money by writing something that you are not familiar with or not passionate about, then think twice!
  • If you want quick results without putting in more work, then be sure to give up eventually!
  • If you are not committed to program yourself to publish new posts regularly and interact more with your audience, then be sure to be stuck in the same place as you started!

Knowing this as a beginner will prepare you to know what you are expected to do even before you start a blog.

making money online 3


The following are 10 summarized easy steps for you to take to start a successful blog today.

STEP 1: Decide On A Niche.

Deciding on a niche before starting a blog is very important since that niche will be your center angle.

Quick question to ask yourself is that;

What will you want to write about?

What information do you want to pass across?

Do you want it to be about a specific industry?

Do you want to display your skills or will it be in the area of personal development?

STEP 2: Find A Good Blog Name and Domain Name.

I would recommend that you get a dot-com domain extension.

However, if you cannot find one then you can opt for different extension but avoid going for .US, .CA, .info or .cc because they will not get you the same global appeal and awareness that you will get from a .com or any other.

Things to avoid when coming up with a domain name;

  • Avoid domain names that have over 15 characters.

Google does not like this. Just try not to go beyond 3 words maximum.

  • Avoid putting hyphens and numbers in your domain name.

Hyphens are usually an indication of spam.

In summary; what is a good domain name?

  1. A good domain name is easy to remember – internet users can easily memorize and type them whenever they want to go back to visit your site.
  2. Easy to spell – Avoid using complex pronunciation and anything else that may make someone to misspell your web address.
  3. Descriptive domain– This way visitors will have a clue of what your site is really about even before they enter it.


Quick Tip when coming up with a domain and blog name try to add a keyword that is in your niche to boost your SEO.

This will help you to come up with a killer domain!

STEP 3: Find A Good Hosting Provider.

So how do I choose a hosting provider?

1. Decide how much help you will need in setting it up.

This will help you determine whether you will require a non-managed service whereby you will do everything by yourself or if not then you would opt to delegate completely the management of your website and this way you will have to go for the managed service.

Managed service allows the providers to keep an eye on your site by ensuring it loads properly, there are no security issues, manage backup’s e.t.c

2. Learn and understand server types.

Shared hosting

This is whereby one box is run by hundreds of other websites. It is the cheapest hosting that is available.

Shared hosting always limits you from uploading files via SFTP or FTP, restricts what programs you may want to run, prevent shell access and limit the amount of access to the database that your site can perform.

In short, it limits your complete access to the server’s capabilities.

Virtual Private Server (VPS).

This is a virtual machine running in a box.

Its performance is so much better compared to the shared service above.

If you decide to use this you should familiarize yourself with some basic server management and maintenance.

Dedicated Server.

This comes in the form of a physical box which is rented to you.

Only get this if you have skills in system management.

Cloud Server.

This can be a better choice for most bloggers.

It usually runs on giant public clouds like Microsoft Azure.

The advantage of these is that you can scale seamlessly. All you need is pay more and nothing needs to be rebuilt or moved.

3. Make sure you own your own domain.

Before you decide on what web hosting provider you would like, make sure you own your own domain!

This way you can be able to change web host providers if need be plus you get the opportunity to also own any of your SEO benefits.

What are the most important factors to evaluate when selecting a hosting service?

The following are 8 qualities of a good hosting provider:

1. Speed.

You should make sure that your website is blazing fast so that your visitors don’t end up going somewhere else. No one wants to wait on a slow network!

2. Space.

Make sure you have enough space for whatever you want to do with your website. Space is always cheap so this should not be a limitation.

3. Reliability.

A website that keeps going down ends up losing a number of visitors, which may affect your profits, reputation e.t.c

Therefore your web host should be very reliable and you can find this out by looking up in the internet for the web host customer reviews, search for complaints about them, and check to see if they offer a guaranteed up-time.

All these will help you determine if they are truly reliable or not.

4. Customer Support.

You need to have a web host provider who you can reach out and get a quick response from them.

You can do this by checking their hours of support; if they have a published phone number or if they offer chat support. This would help you know how easy it would be to reach someone in case of an emergency e.t.c

5. Secure location.

Web hosts that are local are most likely to be reliable, easy to contact and most of all fast.

It is even so much better to have a web server that is located in the same country as to where most of your visitors are coming from.

6. Payment plans.

You should research and be aware of hosting companies that lure you with web hosting low prices but in return, they ask for more money so that they can give you more extra features that are mostly standard on most of the web hosts.

7. Great technology and superior features.

You need to first find out if the web host provides everything that you will need.

Do this by going into their control panel, script language support, the number of allowed sub-domains, check if it is hosted on Unix or Windows platform and most of all their databases.

8. Have substantial Bandwidth.

Some web host companies tend to cut you off when you have too much traffic while some charge you more.

You should make sure that the web hosting company that you choose allows you to go ahead and buy more bandwidth when you have more traffic in the future.


STEP 4: Choose a Good Blogging Platform (CMS).

Blogging platform also known as CMS (Content Management System) is where you get to write, design and publish your blog posts.

A good CMS allows you to easily use, organize your content, upload videos, and images, select preferred themes or custom design elements thus giving you total control over your entire blog.

WordPress is a good example of a good CMS.

STEP 5: Choose a good theme and design for your blog.

STEP 6: Create essential pages for your blog.

The most essential pages in your blog include About and Contact pages.

Step 7: Configure AMP (Accelerated Mobile Projects) Pages.

AMP specifications are very important since they help to ensure your pages are loading very quickly.

It does this by removing some extraneous bloated elements and thinning down your blog pages that may make your site load slow.

STEP 8: Set up Google Analytics.

Google analytics will help you to track down your work and find out how effective your blogging is.

STEP 9: Develop a content strategy.

  • Commit yourself to a regular publishing schedule.
  • Try using visuals on your content such as images, videos, and designs that stand out.
  • Write a keyword- focused content.
  • Publish and promote your posts.

Step 10: Decide on an income stream.

Will you be an affiliate?

Will you sell eBooks or online courses?

Will you run ads?

Or will you be selling a particular service?

Whatever it is you need to decide!

Step 11: Build a great sales funnel.

To build a successful sales funnel you will need;

  • First and for all, you will need an email marketing system.

There are so many plugins and programs that will help you on email marketing such as Mail Chimp, Aweber, Constant Contact e.t.c

You will have to have email subscribers for you to begin email marketing.

  • Secondly, you need to come up with a free offer.

This will not only allow you to get emails from your blog visitors, but you will also be able to see if whatever you are offering is providing value to your readers, thus giving you an opportunity to create more but this time for sale.

You can start selling cheap then scale up as you grow.

You probably won’t believe it but people are willing to pay $1000 to join a mastermind program and so much more.

This may give you passive income in the future.

How Do You Develop a Blog Strategy?

Before we head on to the steps you need to take in order to develop a blog strategy you need to know the following;

  • Purpose.

Why do you have a blog?

  • Competition.

Who are your top competitors? And what are they doing to make them stay on top?

  • Distribution platforms.

Where are you planning to distribute your blog content?

  • Rhythm.

How many blog posts are you committed to posting a day?


  1. Create a budget for your blog.

This does not mean only in terms of money but time too.

In order for you to beat your competitors, you need to budget for the time too.

Creating time for you to make your blog to be great will make all the difference.

  1. Define your goals for content strategy.

You need to ask yourself;

  • What do you want to achieve from your writing?
  • What do you want your content to do?
  • Are you aiming to make money through your content?
  • Or is your main aim to build brand awareness?


  1. Define your core audience.

This step needs more research.

Getting a clear detailed description of your ideal audience, it will greatly help you in tailoring blog content to people who will be interested in reading your blog posts.

Conducting good research on your type of audience will help you discover your readers’ behaviors, interests, challenges, and curiosities then go ahead and create a content that is tailored to all these.

You can use sites like Quora, Reddit and Fluther to know what they are asking.

Being able to narrow down your targeted audience would really help you in coming up with a plan for;

  • Great engaging topics.
  • Discover the marketing channels that will effectively reach your targeted audience.
  • You will be able to develop a good content strategy.
  • You will know which keywords you will be targeting.
  1. Have a content promotional strategy.
  2. Create an action-driven content.


make money online 4


In Conclusion;

How Many Views Do You Need To Make Money Blogging?

For starters let’s make one thing clear; you do not need to have millions of blog visitors in order to make money online! What you need is a strategic plan.

How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money?


  • Do not wait for your blog to start generating traffic for you to start making money. Always have a product by your side to promote. You can get a buyer also from one single blog visit.
  • Learn and invest your time in finding out how bloggers make money then go ahead and build multiple income sources.
  • Always be strategic and yearn to increase traffic!



How can I make my blog to grow faster?

  1. Promote your blog through social media.
  2. Be a boss in SEO.
  3. Create backlinks for your blog.
  4. Join online communities.
  5. Follow other bloggers.
  6. Use paid Ads such as Pinterest ads, Facebook ads, Adwords e.t.c (do this when you know you have mastered everything about content creation. Read this Blog post on how to create a viral content in 30 minutes for more info and a deeper understanding of content creation.
  7. Invest your time in your blog and promoting it!


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How To Create Viral Content In 30 Minutes! – Content Creation.

I have always had the desire of becoming a great content creator.

If you are reading this blog post then it’s very likely we share the same desire.

BUT maybe you are not sure how to start and manage to outshine the rest of the content creators, or maybe you are having a rough road in content creation thus affecting your confidence in succeeding.

Whichever the case, this blog post will remedy almost all of your content creation concerns and give you an ultimate guide to content creation that would set you to the right path towards online success, without having to invest all your money!

You will have the answers to this and many more;

What is online content creation?

What does it mean to be a content creator? 

What are the content creation hacks? e.t.c

Content Creation 1


At the end of this article, you will get a purpose, clarity and focus!

My main life goal has always been centred around inspiring others to make their lives a masterpiece, by imagining no limitations on what they can do to be able to achieve.

A great content marketer experiences about 7.8 times more traffic and have higher conversion rates than the rest of the average content marketers.

But How Do You Move From Being Just Good/Average To The Best At What You Do? – Make sure to read the whole blog post to discover!

At times or perhaps most of the times, you may be faced by the constant battle of trying to come up with a fresh, relevant and beautifully crafted engaging content.

What does this mean?

This means that you need to carefully understand everything about content creation starting from the basics to the most advanced part!

This may seem like a waste of time to many but trust me, the willingness to learn would transform everything you knew about content creation and make you be amongst the successful content creators out there, who are creating an insanely good content!

By now it’s no secret that an epic content is the master key that opens the door to traffic, links, sales, subscriptions and social shares!

Every single person who visits your platform wants to be dazzled, inspired, informed and most of all engaged.

So without going any further, we need first to get a better understanding of who is a content creator?

Of course, it’s a person who creates content but what type of content?

There are several kinds of content creation which include; web content (blogs and landing pages), YouTube, books, ads and movies e.t.c.

Do all these make sense? If not then stay hooked …

Well in terms of content marketing, a content creator is responsible for creating, editing and managing contents, whose main goal is providing valuable information to their readers, listeners or viewers thus influencing purchases of the offered products and services.

This is what it means by content creation in marketing!

content creation 2

So Why Should You Become A Content Creator This 2019?

There are 3 obvious reasons as to why you should become a content creator;

  • If your main goal is to start making money online then creating content should be on top of your list of ways of making money online.
  • You will have the opportunity to build your brand and reputation!

Whether you write, make videos, take photos or produce podcasts then the content is the best way to show the world who you really are and what you offer.

Quick Tip.

The fastest way to attract people that are going to affect your online business directly is through creating good content that is centred on what you care about!

Most people tend to love creators who are very passionate about what they do.

This way people tend to get quick gasps of what you really care about thus noticing the quality of your work.


For beginners who are just starting out or those who have already started but feel like giving up due to no results, you need to know that every content creator should have the main trait of being patient!

Things can start off very slowly but if you do it right you will find the breakthrough to success and you won’t believe that you have finally made it!

Do you know what motivates me to keep pushing on even when the going is tough?

Is the fact that I am able to live by my own terms as a content creator, I work when and where I want to. This motivates me and gives me a feeling of satisfaction!

So How Do You Become A Content Creator?

  1. Know who you really are!

The most important thing before becoming a content creator is that you need to carefully think and know who you really are.

This includes finding out what you know, what you care about and what you are really good at.

This may not seem important but trust me it really is!

If you get this part wrong then you will find things being very difficult. Why?

You will always be swayed to try and emulate another person’s success rather than choosing your own unique path to follow.

Figuring who you really are will give you the opportunity to find your own unique selling proposition and you will have a unique voice in your niche.

“The original is always the best!”

“Never let anyone tell you what works for you and choose what path you should follow – allowing them will make you end up not believing in yourself and finally quitting along the way”.

  1. Discover where you fit in the competitive world of content creation.

This is also as important as the first point.

Before jumping into the competitive world of content creation whereby in every minute a day:

Over million blog posts are posted, Youtube content creators are uploading 500 hours of new videos and over 3 million Facebook posts and Instagram photos are uploaded! You need to know where you fit in.

You can see how competitive it is to work as a content creator, therefore putting all thought into this is highly important.

These numbers should not demotivate, you instead it should challenge you if others are making it why not you?

content creation 3

Therefore it is critical to find your niche and dominate in it!

If you think you are in a “boring niche” therefore you feel like it is hard to come up with great content, then visit this blog post on boring niche secret weapon to find out the best strategies to apply on your “boring niche” (Don’t worry it will open in a new tab so you will read later)

Being patient and putting good effort at what you do as a content creator, will give you the opportunity to grind for 3-4 years then live the next 10 – 70 years, without having to work a day in your life – this is what we call passive income.

You should remember that not everyone who gets into the online arena automatically wins.

Your actions and daily decisions are what guarantees you to get a passive income and attain online success.

If you are like the many other ignorant people out there, who think that being a content creator especially blogging is such a waste of time especially this 2019 and years to come, then you should probably ask yourself Why Is Google The Number One Most Visited Website In The World?

The answer is very simple people have lots of problems that they want solving so they turn to Google for solutions!

So ask yourself what if you create great content that solves their problems, what do you expect?

When people go on Google to search for answers, will you be there?

If you are still wondering what’s the point of all this talk on content creation blah blah blah…

Then ask yourself if you found a way that would allow you to generate a monthly profit of about $1 to 10,000 a month only through creating content, then this is the whole point!

You think this blog post is too long for you, or maybe you just want to jump to what you think is the most important part then be my guest.

This is how most people end up struggling or giving up in what they do – the inability to stay focused and learn then applying what you learnt! – Knowledge is the key to success.

Content Creation 4

This Is A Summary On How To Become A Great Content Creator And Start Making Money This 2019.

  1. Start Now. Do not procrastinate!
  2. Stop pretending, avoid faking it – find your own unique voice.
  3. Avoid over saturated niches.
  4. Become a search oriented. Always be up-to-date.
  5. Learn to listen and understand your audience. (Put yourself in their shoes).
  6. Improve your skills.
  7. Write often, the more content you have the more visitors (traffic) you attract to your content.

To find out how to create content that is a must read, visit this post on How to Exploit the Power of Seduction to Create a Viral Content. (Don’t worry the link will take you to a new tab so you can read later)

The following are 2 content winner templates that are most likely to get more views.

  1. Long list posts.

Creating content that provides readers with a long list of an educative post such as “50 ways to making money online” readers would most likely click on to it because you are providing many options for them to go with.

  1. Creating Ultimate Guides.

Ultimate perform very well because they provide users with all the needed information on a single topic in one place.

It saves time for readers who are busy since they don’t have to keep searching on the web for information on a certain topic.

The following are FREE content marketing tools that every content creator should use:

  1. Google Drive Research Tool.

This is a brilliant resource that would help any content creator to create killer content, that would spur value plus it is backed up by credible sources which would boost your online presence.

How do you use Google Drive Research Tool?

  • Click onto tools on the Google menu bar.
  • You will see a drop-down menu. Click on Research. OR
  • Go to Google Docs in your Drive.


  1. Hashtagify.me

This is a free tool (has some paid add-on features) that allows you to search for hashtags and determine its popularity and how it can be used.

  1. Grammarly. 

This is a grammar tool and an all-in-one spellchecker that is better off than Microsoft Word.

It helps its users to be able to write a mistake-free content almost anywhere on the web. Be it on Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn e.t.c

It does this by scanning your texts for the most common and complex grammatical errors.

  1. Anchor.

This is a free social media platform for audio.

Anchor app allows users to create audios and video recordings that can be easily shared.

  1. Canva.

This is one of my favourite tools for creating social media graphics.

It allows users to design and create high-quality images using their templates, layouts and design elements.

It is free and easy to use.

Content Creation 5

In conclusion, strive to be amongst the content creators who are setting the bar for creativity this 2019 by learning how to master the proven strategies of content creation.

This will help you avoid costly mistakes thus becoming successful in what you do!

These articles have broken down the various strategies that I have not covered in this post. Click on them to read more… they are a must read for all aspiring to be great content creators.





Amazing Weight Loss Motivational Quotes 2019.

Get our 20 weight loss quotes that will transform your life positively by empowering you to keep going even when the going is tough!

Remember only you, just you can change your life no one else can.

Therefore I hope this motivational weight loss quotes will help you stay committed to your weight loss goals and change how you think.

  • Never give up weight loss quotes.
  • Maintaining weight loss quotes.
  • Motivating weight loss quotes.


weight loss 20

weight loss 19



weight loss 2

weight loss 3

weight loss 4

weight loss 5

weight loss 6

weight loss 18

weight loss 17

weight loss 16

weight loss 15

weight loss 14

weight loss 13

weight loss 12

weight loss 11

weight loss 10

weight loss 9

weight loss 7

weight loss 8

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My Hair Loss Battle! – Hair Loss Treatment For Both Men & Women.

My story: I, like many others, was born with beautiful hair- lustrous and dense.

I started coloring my hair and experimenting different top brand hair products on the shelves which promised to make my hair get the model look alike, but it never occurred to me that I might be doing more harm than good to my hair.

Let’s be honest the road to a beautiful hair isn’t always that easy!

At some point, you may have found yourself Googling how to get beautiful hair overnight! – Trust me I have been there.

My battle with hair loss began after college; I never thought that I would ever have to find myself worrying about losing my hair even though my family has a history of baldness.

But looking back at the choices I made for my hair I now understand why I had to battle with hair loss.

I remember I began to notice some small tons of hair sticking up straight when I combed my long hair at the back.

My hair was thinning and whenever I would wash it, I would see lots of hair in my shower drain.

Well, I wouldn’t believe this was happening to me.

I would constantly find myself in the mirror not believing that my beautiful hair is going away as each and every day goes by.

So I turned to the internet and got some highly recommended best products for hair growth, but none of them worked.

So I switched to natural ways and tried to eat healthy in order to get a healthy and stronger hair, but I was never patient enough, so sometimes I would quit along the way and start something else out of desperation to get my hair back fast.

I was willing to try anything that came on my way but that led to more harm than good!

I tried this 3 DIY to try to promote hair growth hoping they will somehow help in reducing my rapid hair loss:

  1. Daily massaging my hair.

I read online that massaging your hair really helps stimulate your hair scalp circulation thus getting more nutrients and oxygen for your hair follicles.

This helps your hair to be stronger and healthier thus stimulating hair growth.

  1. Combing my hair with a wide-tooth comb.

A wider comb is gentler to your hair and scalp, especially the wooden comb.

It is not only gentler but it also helps your hair to properly distribute sebum (natural hairs) from your scalp to your hair.

  1. I started eating flaxseeds.

I read that flaxseeds are among the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

These amino-3 fatty acids help in moisturizing your scalp skin right from within thus help to reduce flakiness, dryness, dandruff, and eczema.

I would sprinkle the flaxseeds on my salads and add them in my smoothies.


They all helped however, I felt like it was taking forever!

Fast forward >> After 4 months of my hair loss battles I came across one of my college mates, and to my surprise he got hair grown back on his bald and I was so shocked!

I had to ask what he had done, and that was the first time I heard about the ultra-strength hair regrowth treatment.

Having tried almost everything to bring back my hair, and see someone who has got results right in front of me felt like a miracle!

I started Googling the product on my phone even before I arrived home, I researched the product’s ingredients because I did not want to risk once more.

My trial and error and previous experience made me extra cautious of what I’m putting on my hair.

I checked on the customer reviews and there were lots of happy customers.

So I decided to start off with their shampoo Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo and within weeks I began to see just a few changes.

My hair was no longer falling out however, it still felt weak and not much regrowth had taken place.

But since I didn’t see any side effects I decided to go for the treatment for hair growth. The one my college mate had mentioned (ultra strength hair regrowth treatment) and this turned out to be the real deal.

  • It revived and nourished my thinning hair.
  • It increased my hair growth. My hair began to grow, it felt healthy and thick.

After 3 months my hair was back to normal. So I stopped using it and went back to my natural ways of maintaining beautiful healthy hair.

I learned my lessons and I always feel lucky to have finally found something that really does work.

Quick tip; when using the Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo let it stay for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Here is a list of the ingredients found in the ultra-strength hair regrowth treatment:

  1. Saw Palmetto.

Based on multiple studies on hair loss, the saw palmetto has been seen to encourage hair growth by targeting DHT which is the main culprit of genetic hair loss.

  1. Green Tea Extract.

This green tea extract is rich in polyphenols which help stimulate the hair follicles thus improving hair anchoring and promote healthier and stronger looking hair.

  1. Biotin (Vitamin H).

It strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicle thus promoting hair growth.

  1. Cumin Seed Oil.

This oil is rich in antimicrobial compounds, amino acids, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that promote hair thickness and hair density.

  1. Pumpkin Seed Oil.

It contains phytosterol beta-sitosterol that would help in reducing the damage caused by DHT thus improving hair quality.

  1. Caffeine.

Caffeine stimulates the hair follicles to grow stronger and thicker.


You can visit their website here for more details about their products.

How can I get my hair healthy again? Try hair regrowth treatment, shampoo and conditioner and void putting harsh chemicals on your hair.

Eat healthily, most of all do not trust every product out there that claims to make your hair more beautiful and healthy always do your research!

Do hair growth shampoo really work? From my experience yes, it worked for me.


In conclusion, if this hair growth review was helpful to you, you can share it with your friends on social media.

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