Deep Dive On Speed, Agility and Quickness Workouts.

Over the past 20 years, the only people who used to focus on speed, agility and quickness workouts were the elite athletes. They were working hand in hand with the conditioning and professional strength coaches.

Today things have definitely changed. Speed, agility and quickness workouts are not only practiced by the elite athletes, but by everyone. This includes personal trainers who are working with the clients for weight loss, group instructors and individuals looking to get fit and improve their general health.
There are many reasons for training for speed and agility, especially if you are an athlete or you want to complement and improve your overall performance in sports. This not only increases your overall confidence but it also helps to improve your deceleration, acceleration, coordination and reaction time by improving your foot speed, quickness and direction changes. It is also designed to keep you in the right mindset in whatever sport you are participating in.
Most importantly speed and agility exercises increase; your overall balance, control, functional core strength, dynamic flexibility and the risk of getting injured by improving your body mechanics.

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Sports injuries are usually very devastating, therefore by utilizing the proven methods of strengthening, stretching and body awareness, athletes would prevent injuries especially the knee injuries.

What Does Speed And Agility Entail?

Speed and agility workouts are designed to work on your hips, core muscles and leg strengths.

For speed exercises focus on doing fast but steady movements.

For the strength exercises focus on doing good easy repetitions which should be performed in a great form, making sure your muscles are feeling every single moment.

Please note that, it is important to do warm ups and cool downs before and after the speed and agility workouts. All in all it is your rep scheme and intensity that will definitely change your work load.

Benefits Of Speed And Agility Workouts.

1. Increase athleticism.
2. Develop your overall confidence.
3. Improve your fitness level.
4. Help reduce the risk of sustaining injuries.
5. It is an absolute way of connecting with your kids and spouse.
6. Most importantly it is good for older adults, since it helps improve their dynamic balance which is great. This would allow you to remain functionally strong and independent in their late years.


This refers to the general speed which allows you to be able to move your legs and arms in a straight line as quick as possible. This is usually referred to as the linear speed.

If you notice that you are having a hard time keeping up with or constantly breaking away from your competitors or even your teammates, then this is definitely the best workout for you.


The difference between speed and agility is that, speed is moving in a straight line while agility is all about the ability to change direction as quick and effective as possible.

If you find yourself off balance repeatedly or struggling to move side-to-side then this is the best workouts for you.


Workouts that focus on improving your quickness, enhance your natural reflexes which helps you move very fast in everything you do.

For those who lack explosiveness in their first few steps or have trouble to get their body into position very quickly this would increase your reaction time and be a quicker athlete.

The following are some of the great speed, strength and agility workouts.

1.Standing bird dog
2. Y squat.
3. Prisoner Squat.
4. Lunges.
5.30 sec split squat jumps. (Alternate legs).

NOTE: When doing this workouts ensure you execute all the reps on one side before you switch on the other side.
In conclusion, focusing on improving your quickness, speed and agility would really help you to improve your overall performance which would lead to more desirable results.

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When you are considering some peculiar types of drills, focus on those that you find most enjoyable keeping in mind that in any type of training, consistency and repetition are the key.

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