How I Transformed From An Ideal Body To An Attractive Reshaped Body – TRX Review.

What makes TRX suspension training to be the most preferred workout for total body transformation, bodybuilding, and weight loss?

Whether your ultimate fitness goal is to build strength, flexibility, improve your core overall balance, stability and endurance, or cut down that extra weight, all you need is TRX suspension straps and your body weight to achieve your set goals. It kills all birds with one stone hence making it be the most preferred compared to weight lifting and other gym equipment.

They say sweat is your body fat crying and I say bring it on! Make time for your body, nobody ever got in shape or even stronger just by thinking about it, they woke up and did it. It is definitely not easy but it’s really worth it.

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I have always been a fitness freak however, I never understood why my legs felt weak. I used to feel a sharp pain in my knee joints. At times it would really ache after my morning run or after a long walk.

Well, apart from my weak legs, my body looked otherwise. I could never wear tight t-shirts since my waistline fat would be very noticeable. My body image always means a lot to me. My relatives always commented in parties that I took my mother’s body and some of my friends would tell me that no matter what I can’t change how I look since it is in my gene.

I remember going to the massage therapist, I felt knee pain relieved although it was only for a short period time then the pain would come back. My knee troubles came to an end when I went camping and got introduced to TRX-Suspension training. I not only came to realize later on that my knee problem was due to weak leg muscles, but I came to know that one can reshape your body to the ideal preferred body type.

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Summary Of My Week 1 Experience.

The first day of my TRX-Suspension training wasn’t that easy. It was so new to me and it took me a whole 40 minutes session to figure out how to balance on the straps and most importantly to trust the straps to hold my weight.

I remember putting my feet on the straps, it not only felt impossible since my body was shaking, and my legs wanted to jolt out to the sides. I only lasted 20 seconds before hitting the ground but somehow I kept on trying, well motivations always come and go so you need to be disciplined and learn to build habits.


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The Rest Of The 3 Weeks Experience.

During this period it became very obvious that by just using TRX straps I could tell which parts of my body was weak and which part needed more work, since TRX suspension straps literally work for every single part of your body from your legs to arms to your chest, core and glutes.

Throughout these sessions we never repeated a workout, we were constantly shown new ways of using the suspension straps.


Was my knee problem sorted? Absolutely yes.

My legs feel stronger and my core stability has greatly improved.

In addition, my body fat decreased from 16.1% to 14% and I lost 3cm around my stomach and waist.

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Why Is TRX-Suspension Training Terrific Body Workout For All Females Of All Shapes And Sizes?

TRX workouts are very beneficial for both men and women specifically for lots of women who cannot manage to go to the gym or have fear of lifting bulky weights in the gym.

After comparing and testing other fitness tools and exercises, we found 4 main reasons why the TRX and TRX suspension workouts are beneficial to women in a number of ways including:

  • TRX Suspension Training shapes your body:

I used to have fatty waistline which made me feel really awkward in my own body. My curves were not that noticeable I had a fit but straight body shape. However, I managed to reshape my body through TRX suspension training and now I can swear by it!

TRX workouts are great for the entire body, burn extra fats and calories to help you get that bikini body.

  • TRX fitness enhances your metabolism:

An efficient metabolism ensures the supply of your food and blood to the different body cells for their growth.

What is an efficient metabolism? It is defined as  “ The Energy intake based on body weight that is required to maintain current weight.”

Therefore, working out on your muscles and doing general exercises would increase the ability of your body to handle the blood sugar level and manage insulin. Women can take this to advantage and tone-up their muscles with TRX fitness to allow your organism to grow and reproduce.

  •  TRX suspension workouts provide you a fast, efficient total-body exercise that greatly helps in improving your balance, flexibility, endurance and core strength.
  • TRX puts you in total control because it works for people of all level of fitness.

It is important for lifelong fitness to find something that you enjoy doing and really works well for you. I have seen and trained with lots of ladies who have tried the TRX suspension training and they tend to really enjoy it since they see instant gratification of their body.

In conclusion, if you are a lady and your main goal is to attain a slender, athletic physique, then TRX Suspension Trainer is the best piece of equipment you can buy. Persistent exercise not only changes your body; it changes your attitude, mind, and soul. At first, it will always seem impossible to start but as you go on it feels impossible to stop.

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