10 Fascinating Dog Languages That Every Dog Owner Should Know!

Can you tell what your pet is trying to tell you in certain situations?

Dogs have a special way of finding people who need them, and filling up their emptiness in ways which you never knew they can! Every dog lover can attest to this.

Today you are going to learn unique dog’s language, that will create a better understanding and enhance good communication with your dog.

This is very important especially when you are trying to train your dog to listen to you, and is also a great way to understand your dog and build a strong bond between you two.

The following are 10 essential dog languages that every dog owner should know:

  1. Dog’s tail.
  • When a dog slowly wags his lowered tail- it means he does not understand what is going on and he is trying to ask you what you want him to do, so you have to help him to navigate the situation.
  • When the dog’s tail is wagging rapidly -it means your dog admits that you are in charge.
  • When he raises his tail and tremors slightly- it means your dog feels brave and is challenging your authority because, he considers himself being in charge of the situation. They often do this whenever they are in a very good mood.
  • When its tail is tucked in between its legs -it’s a sign that your dog feels uncomfortable, scared or afraid of pain. Most often it does this when it is really afraid of something or someone. However, if there is no reason of concern and the dog keeps tucking its tail between its legs you should take it to the vet.
  1. Dog’s eyes.

When your dog’s eyes are open wide and alert, it means he is trying to get your attention thus challenging you and expecting you to respond to him firmly.

N/B when you come across an unfamiliar dog, you are advised to avoid looking directly into the dog’s eyes, starring at him means aggression.

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  1. Dog blinks and squints.

This means he is ready to play, therefore this is the best time to take him for a walk or throw him his favorite ball. However, if he squints a lot this may be due to pain in his eyes therefore you should take him to the vet.

  1. Dog’s ears.

When the ears are inclined forward or standing straight- this shows that the dog is curious and keenly paying close attention to everything happening around.

Ears are flattened against its head– it’s a sign that your dog is scared; however sometimes your dog may have only one of its ear down most often being its left ear. This shows how the dog reacts to people they are afraid of or those they are not familiar with; therefore you should try to part your dog to make him calm down.

  1. When the dog rolls over and exposes its belly.

It means he trusts you a lot and he wants to please you. You should rub him to show him you are pleased, he will really love this.

  1. The dog puts his paws on your knee.

It is a sign that he wants to dominate, so just look at him directly on to his eyes and remove his paw so that he understands you are in charge.

    7. When he puts his paw on your knee with a smug face– it means he needs you and wants you to give him your attention and when he touches you with his nose, it means he wants you to pet him. In most cases when he does this it means he feels lonely and wants to play with you.

    8. When your dog has one of its front paws raised– it means it wants to ask you something, they often do this when they see something interesting or at times they do this when they are hungry or want to play with you.

    9. Dog Yawns.

When a dog yawns after you it means he is very attached to you.

   10. When the dog turns his back at you– this means that your dog trusts you a lot.

Learning how dogs communicate is very important and makes it easy for you to train them new tricks and techniques. Training your dog would really help in:

  • Growing your communication skills with your dog.
  • Strengthen your bond.
  • It builds confidence in the shy and fearful dogs.
  • Enhances safety.
  • Lastly and most importantly it creates less work for you in the long run.

You should keep in mind that when training your dog, you should trust that your dog knows what you mean and the more real you are the faster your dog learns.

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