Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Dogs During Rainy Season.

Did you know when your dog sees you, their brains secrets the same substance as ours whenever we are in love?

I personally love my dog and always feel special for having it in my life.  Well, if I got a dollar for every time my dog made me smile, by now I would be a millionaire.

You should never let rain alter your daily walk routine with your dog. It is never a good excuse to let your dog stay cooped up indoors all day just because it has been raining.

Always take care of your dog because even if the world falls apart he will always be there for you!

Dogs react differently during rainy seasons. Some may love the rain while some really hate the rain to an extent where, you will see them hiding and shivering.

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Here are 2 amazing facts you didn’t know about dogs during the rainy seasons:

  1. Some dogs are more sensitive to smell when it rains.

According to Avert Gilbert, “a smell” psychologist, dogs are more sensitive to smell when it’s raining because the humid air traps all the smell making it to be more intense during this period.

This not only affects the outdoor dogs but the indoor dogs to. If you look keenly at your dog during this time, you will notice that they whine more than normal, every time they detect a nearby presence of a cat, dog or other animals. This is because it catches whiffs of smell from the outside air coming through the vents or under the door.


  1. Some dogs mate more when it’s raining.

Whenever it rains the humidity levels increase and low temperatures in the air intensifies their pheromones signals leading to more frequent mating, this however does not affect the neutered and spayed indoor dogs.


Keep your pet dry and comfortable with this light weight, easy to carry waterproof dog raincoat. It is the most stylish and protective way to keep your dog dry on those rainy day walks.

What makes this dog raincoat unique is that it gives out no odor and it is non-toxic, more interestingly is the fact that it is of high quality with tear-resistance feature for durable and comfortable wearing.

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This dog raincoat would help avoid various dog health problems associated when a dog is rained on such as:

  1. Skin problems such as eczema, blastomycosis, hot spots and yeast infections which tend to affect the dogs when they are excessively rained on, causing their natural protective layer to develop these skin conditions.
  2. Knots in its fur.

This condition mostly affects dogs with long fur. Therefore, when going out during rainy season you should dress them up with this rain coat.

In conclusion, after your walk when it’s drizzling/raining you should remember to clean your dog’s paws, since they are usually very sensitive and more prone to infections. It takes nothing away to be kind to animals.




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