The Death Of Amazon – This Is A Must Read!

It’s No Lie Amazon Is The Global Giant Dominating The E commerce World! But Is Their Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

Read along and decide for yourself!

Apart from Amazon, can someone make money from other affiliate programs and generate huge sales commissions and guaranteed payment?


In today’s competitive affiliate market, there’s no perfect affiliate program out there, however there are a few which have managed to beat the odds!

“Ambition is always the first step to success, the second is action”

I decided to write this review based on my personal experiences on affiliate marketing success of how I turned my rough affiliate journey, into a success story.

Before I decided to put all my entire focus on affiliate marketing and quit my previous job, I sat back and did massive research to find the perfect strategy on how I would attack this market and thrive, considering it being a performance based on your online marketing strategy. I knew I had to put great work into succeeding since I love expensive.

“You Can Decide To Work For The Boss Or Work To Be The Boss”

Every time I researched I always stumbled upon Amazon affiliate marketers and would see YouTubers swearing on how, Amazon affiliate program transformed their bank accounts to 6-figures.

Well I must confess this made me more motivated and very inspired although, I came to learn it’s not as easy as they made it look.

Trying to figure out affiliate marketing on your own can be very tricky, plus waking up to see no sales, could be a very devastating experience, especially if you poured all your effort the whole night. I still know how it feels, it’s been 2 years now but the feeling is very fresh!

“Success Comes From Consistency”

Today I’m going to show you 3 reasons why I quitted amazon affiliate program, and jumped over to a much promising program that is untapped.

Before we jump into that, its best we highlight the key features which makes an affiliate program worth trying, so you don’t end up spending all your time and efforts for something that is not worth.

4 Must Have Features For A Good Affiliate Program Summarized:

  1. Proper payment method for affiliates.
  2. Proper affiliate link for each product.
  3. Proper promotional and a full-fledged affiliate panel.
  4. Provides you with the best customer tracking link and affiliate manager is important.

My experience with amazon wasn’t that bad. I could get a decent amount of income, but when I discovered the secret on how to tackle the market as an affiliate, I could now manage to earn over $500 in just a day. This may seem small to some. Nonetheless, I must say this changed my life and my general view of things.

I know most of you are wondering, if amazon was such a great success to me, why then quit when it’s already a global giant that dominates the e-commerce world.

Over the years I have worked as an affiliate, I have had good, great and worst times and throughout this process I have learnt the common mistakes we as affiliate marketers make, and how you can avoid them.


“Never Be Afraid Of Failure, Be Afraid Of Not Trying”


The Following Are Some Common Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing, That I wished I Knew Before!

  1.  Trying to get money right away.

It takes time and constant efforts to start earning your desired cash. If your main goal is to get rich the next day then this not where you want to be.

There are a few times when I felt like quitting after spending a lot of my time and money on ads with no return, it’s truly a terrible feeling that I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, those who have been here can attest to this.

You must establish yourself by:

  • Getting good connections.
  • Being able to generate a significant amount of traffic.
  • Having great content if you are a blogger.
  • Built trust on the social media.

This surely, doesn’t take a day or a week. In fact it might take you months, but if you are self-disciplined and determined to break against the odds you will definitely make it, trust me!

2. Joining any or every affiliate program that comes on your way

3. Choosing a niche that has great competition or has zero interest on. This would really cost you and in the long run you may end up quitting.

4. Not writing product reviews.

5. One source of traffic.

6. Flooding your posts with too many affiliate links. Google does not like this, plus this will look unprofessional.

Here’s how you do:

  • Place your link only once after every other sub head section.
  • Place it either once or twice in your body.
  • Post it at the end of your review/post as a call to action.


  1. Choosing the right products to promote.

A quick tip on this would be, checking the customer reviews. This way you will be able to tell which products are worth promoting and spending time on.


“Be A Game Changer, The World Has Enough Followers”

Well, I found something much bigger that drives me more sales. What’s the secret? Rojodiversity.

Would I recommend their affiliate program to anyone? Absolutely.

I remember scrolling down on twitter when I came across an advertisement for joining their affiliate program, I don’t know how I found myself in their website but I surely don’t regret!

Here are some of the major challenges that I used to face on Amazon Affiliate Program that Rojodiversity was able to address:

  1. Varying Commissions.

Different products attract different commissions, where some goes to as low as 1% very disappointing. This becomes so unfavorable to you if your niche choice draws a very unfavorable commission rate.

  1. Very strict terms.

Although these rules are meant to create an even ground for everyone, at times if you are not keen enough they might work against you.

I remember when I first started out on Amazon, my account was blocked for failing to make any sale.


  1. Limited Payment Methods.

If you live outside US you know how hard it is to get payments. You only have two options Gift Card or Check Payments, of which gift cards limits you to only spend your affiliate income on Amazon products, while your check takes so long to arrive.


Why Did I Choose Rojodiversity Over Amazon?

At Rojodiversity I began with a commission of 10%. They have real-time assistance in case of any questions and at times I message them requesting for custom made banners which they actually deliver in good time.

When I began crushing the affiliate market, I sent them a proposal requesting for increase in commission and they responded on time and awarded me more commission.

What I like most about Rojodiversity, is the fact that they pay commissions immediately and no need of constant reminders about unpaid commissions. I remember after joining one of the affiliate program I had to constantly remind them of my unpaid dues, I eventually got tired and decided to abandon the program.

Rojodiversity offers cookies period of forever, isn’t this amazing? This really inspires me during those days and months when I’m getting low sales. Definitely, not every day is a Monday, we all have are ups and downs.

Rojodiversity is worth trying, I value my time so much, and as an affiliate marketer we all know how a minute can change your life/sales. Therefore, I wouldn’t waste my time reviewing this affiliate program if I didn’t think its worth trying.

If you are interested or feel like giving it a try well and good, just sign up here. It’s free and simple to use. Remember this, the reason why most people don’t succeed in life is because of procrastination. This is what distinguishes between the small percentage of the successful ones from the unsuccessful ones, those who have managed to skyrocket in affiliate marketing.

I value those who want to learn and discover new things. I know how it feels to start alone with no one to guide you. If you would like to get some tips on how I started from zero to a six figure monthly income just comment below and I’ll definitely reply.

“Work While They Sleep”

“Learn While They Party”

“Save While They Spend”

“Live Like They Dream”






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