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Learning from failure or dying from it.

Have you ever had a big online failure? Especially in something that felt so promising?

Maybe it messed you up, creating a deep feeling of frustration or made you feel unsure of yourself. This may have affected your self-belief of having a successful online business life, at times resulting in emotional traumas.

While I have had a few shares of failures, which have messed me up at some point in life, I still managed to stand up and face those failures.

I believe no one should face their problems alone and this is what inspired me to write this blog post today!

There’s no doubt that blog posts can drive more traffic to your website, but it surely takes a good strategy.

Today there are over 1 Billion blogs and the number keeps adding up each and every single minute that passes. However, even though there are so many blogs out there, majorities don’t last long and only a few are successful.

Every single day over 2 Million blog posts are posted online but only a few manage to stand out and get top ranked by Google.

Majority of these bloggers who eventually give up once had a common belief that…

…they will create good content that would generate great leads and sales.

…Google will reward their work and send more traffic on their way. (to their sites)

…they will create online passive income through their blogs.

…they will become famous bloggers.

But the question is why did everything turn out to be such a failure, which led to most bloggers quitting along the way?

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Blogging may not be for everyone but writing definitely is!

I admit it’s hard because it takes great hard work, commitment and effort for you to be able to come up with great content that most people would click through to read and keep coming back for more, considering the huge amount of competition in the online platforms.

Constant failure and every day waking up with the hope that one day your blog will get over one thousand views, only to find that you have less than 500 views or even 50 views. You thus end up giving up along the way leaving yourself with one nagging question in your mind “Why can’t I be part of the percentage of guys who have managed to beat the odds?”

giving up

But when is a failure not actually failure?

If you are feeling defeated or even “stuck” with your latest blog it’s good to know even the great successful people online went through constant failure, wrong choices, did some worst mistakes but they still managed to face their demons and eventually learned from their failures.  Failure is not usually a bad thing but giving up always is! So the real question is why not you?

The following are some examples of famous companies that you may have probably heard of, that had terrible experiences in their blogs but eventually managed to outshine their competition in online presence :

  • Ahrefs – In 2015 their SEO experts noted that nearly half of their blog posts were getting a grand total of ZERO visits and ZERO engagement. Their traffic was not that good, so they decided to take action by doing a thorough audit and deleted 266 blog posts on their blog.

After they completed their audit, they decided to cut their post frequency and dedicate more time to focus on quality. This resulted in an 89% increase in traffic, which was a huge improvement.

  • Buffer –Buffer was also experiencing the same challenges as Ahrefs, they did not come right with their blog. They went through a constant trial and error which went on for about 6 years, but instead, they never gave up through the trial and error period. They eventually decided to learn from their previous posts which had at least created some engagements and went on to duplicate their success.

Today buffer maintains a massive blog that boasts 1.5 million monthly sessions just overnight. Well, this is very impressive having grown from zero to 1.5 million. They never gave up but instead, they perfected their techniques and landed on great strategies that have led to such great success.

  • Slide bean – After constant failure, Slidebean realized the one secret that their fellow bloggers were using to gain massive traffic was the Organic Search Results. So they decided to take advantage of that and invested more in gaining traffic through organic search results.

They spent about $4,300 per month on advertising and a total of about $70,000 for 12 months of content marketing. Through this, they discovered valuable keywords that brought more returns and decided to focus their efforts around it.

Their success grew to over 50,000+ monthly visitors and generated over $206,334 in revenue through their content marketing.

  • Nat Eliason – Nat managed to grow his blog from 0 – 50,000 monthly visits. He managed to do this through keyword research, detailed content planning, and content auditing.

He built a massive list of what he thought were possible blog post ideas and then before turning into keyword data, he would sort posts based only on how in-depth he felt he could tackle the topic.

All these blogs have a lot in common, they have proven tactics that have proven to be a success by generating high-quality content.

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“Giving Up On A Goal Because Of A Set Back Is Like Slashing Your Other 3 Tires Because You Got A Flat.”


What is the psychology behind the failure of most blogs?

I remember the first time I started my first blog; I was full of hope and enthusiasm. I felt like it was such a great achievement. I got the feeling of “Wow finally I have something of my own, something I can build and nature and manage to be successful with”. I remember the only thing that was on my mind was the blog and how I envisioned it to be.

I did my research on how to be a successful blogger and how to generate income on a full-time basis only through blogging. This made me feel like success was right beside me and all I had to do is reach out and grab it. However, this turned out to be the exact opposite.

I remember posting my first content online, I felt like it was such a great achievement, I thought that immediately it went live people would start flocking on my website. Well, that was not the case. Actually, no one except me showed up!

I did not give up instead I went on writing more contents and with time the feeling of giving up caught up with me and I just gave up along the way.

Well, according to research most people who start blogging always quit after 3 months.

So, what exactly happens?

The answer is very simple; we always do the wrong things leading to NO RESULTS at all. No matter how ambitious you are, lack of results always demotivates even the ambitious.

After a long constant trial and error, I found my breakthrough, and that was through investing in GREAT, QUALITY content!

I know most gurus online who claim to be very successful online swear by social media marketing but for me, this is not the case.

Quality content is always the key to success! You can market however you like but if your content is neither quality nor engaging then you will end up putting too much effort on something unworthy.

“Be Stubborn About Your Dreams and Flexible With Your Methods”

You should choose to learn from failure rather than dying from it…

Here’s How You Will Finally Breakthrough the Constant Thought of Giving Up On Your Blog.

  1. Focus on establishing a solid content strategy and build a growth plan with these 2 goals in mind:
  • Building brand awareness and acquire more fans.
  • Always publish content that will bring more traffic on your way in the long run.

You can go about this by building articles that complement each other. This means coming up with a series of great articles centered around one key topic but each of them should focus on different related keywords.

It is important to note that as much as you would spend most of your time creating great content, you should also devote some of your time in adding links between your blog articles. This would really help strengthen your keywords thus making them be more visible on Google.

Google loves this, and with time it would begin perceiving your blog to being an expert resource in your given niche.

“Push Yourself Because No One Else Is Going To Do It For You!”


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Well, to be frank not everyone is a natural writer although, some may think they are the results may show the opposite!

I know for some it may take more than an hour or even days to come up with a quality article, due to constant procrastination or tight work schedule.

BUT what if you would find out what other successful people are doing out there in order to come up with over 10 high-quality articles without getting bored or feeling like procrastinating? Or what if you could finally manage to create great high-quality articles that would massively increase your blog traffic?

Then This Would Be “The Breakthrough!” Right?

Well let’s be over ambitious here; if one article generates $1 in a week on average then this means one article a day would generate $7 in one week. What if you can create 10 articles in a day your weekly income goes to $70 in a week, therefore You can make money writing articles right?

So what’s the catch? Rapid Article Profit Program.

What does this program guarantee?

  • How to easily find hundreds of ideas for articles.
  • The simple method of writing your articles.
  • How to turn one article into hundreds of high-quality articles.
  • Tips for improving your productivity in any area of your life.

And all these would guarantee your online success as a blogger.

“Success Is No Accident; it’s Hard work, Perseverance, Learning, Studying and Most Of All It’s Loving What You Are Doing”

The best thing about this program is that it is a step by step system which anyone no matter what skill level you have can be able to implement it and discover how to write an article for profits Discover how to write articles for profits!

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When Struggle Is All I know… When People Ask Me “What Do You Do?” I Say, “Whatever It Takes.”

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See Also: How Bloggers Should Exploit The Power Of Seduction For Viral Content!


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