Bad Penny Book Review (Fiction & Romance).

Series: Smart Sexy Nerds.

By: Jocelyn Adler

Category: Fiction, Romance, Erotic.


When I first read this book I thought “This book is masterfully done and it should be made into a movie!” This is my personal review.

This book is about a young lady called Penny. Well at first her life seems perfect; an interesting job, a great landlord who happens to be her roommate and her best friend too. But just when Penny believes her life was perfectly stable, everything changed all at once!

Her best friend wants a kid with her; her boss wants her to change her career position. At some point in the book, Penny seems lost and lonely with some of her life choices hunting her. Well as you read along, the book becomes even more and more interesting.

Penny is a character of her own heart. She has a contemporary character and is able to deal with difficult situations that may come on her way. Well apart from that she is a sophisticated female character, a modern woman comfortable in her own body, she always knows what she wants and has no problem getting what she desires.

Apart from her dominating career path, she’s a lover of Netflix, comics and is a fashionista of tank tops with no bra!

Apart from her active sexual life, all she ever wants is to be in a relationship with someone who is willing to respect her career choices as well as her dominating equally.

The book is well-written; there are some twists and turns making an interesting storyline, an amazing tempo and tension. You get to see the character in all manners, through her perfections, her flaws and faults. She has a degree, life has had a fair share of difficulties, and she goes to therapy e.t.c.

The thought of a young lady having to deal with so much hit me clearly in this book. It is so easy to fall in love with Penny!


What I Didn’t Like About The Book…

There are so many characters in the book although they play a significant role in Penny’s life.

There are so many hot steamy and witty scenes in this book, thus one may accidentally focus on them instead of the protagonist internal conflict of Penny.

However, if you enjoy female characters who are sexually active and are not ashamed of their sexuality this book is definitely for you.

Why not let this young lady’s journey of love be your guilty pleasure today!

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