Deadly Purpose Book Review – Fiction, Thriller & Suspense.

Deadly Purpose

Series: The High Sierras

By: Diane Benefiel

Category: Fiction, Thriller & Suspense, Romance.

Published January 23rd 2019.


This book brings a complete turn of events, I must say the immediate suspense drew me right in!

The author has managed to craft one exciting, interesting romantic ride that is full of twists and turns.

The book contains two main characters who meet unexpectedly. We have Meghan Bennett desperately running for her life and in the process, she decides to go to her father’s cabin where she thought no one else but her knew about.

Struggling with her nasty flu she finally arrives at her father’s old cabin, but to her surprise, someone was already there, Declan Murphy an attractive tall, handsome, bearded man. Meghan tries to convince him that the cabin is hers and he needs to move out, but all Declan sees in front of him is a gorgeous pissed-off woman.

I wouldn’t like to give more spoilers however, I must say the High Sierras setting was great and the chemistry between Meghan and Declan sizzled off from page to page making it more and more interesting to read.

I must say both characters were very strong and dynamic with interesting backgrounds and very cautious about what the future holds for them.

The book, in general, has a very descriptive narrative that is well written from page to page.

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