The Boring Niche’s Secret Weapon To Take Advantage Of This 2019!

How do you get people interested in your content when they are not looking to solve any problem?

We all know the one golden rule for bloggers is to write your blog in such a way that your readers remain interested, but the biggest question is how?

A lot of content marketers usually find themselves in this challenge of presenting interesting content, that would spark interest to readers who don’t need your solution.

However, it is important to realize that just because they do not need your solutions doesn’t necessarily mean that they never will!

Based on this fact, you need to understand;

  • Your main role – Your job is to create content that will get people to the next stages of the customer journey.
  • Know the current stage of your customer.

This would help you create content that best suits your real customers at that present time.

For example, if you are selling dog grooming products that means you are probably dealing with pet owners, therefore, you can go ahead and create content that would provide tips on;

‘How to prevent dog allergies’

‘How to effectively groom your dog’ e.t.c

Well at some point these pet owners who have been following up on your blog posts would have gained trust in you, and they would view you as an expert in that field.

While doing this, you should make sure you are collecting your visitors emails, thus in return target them through email marketing.

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If you are not sure how you would do this, read this ebook Email Profits Formula

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What happens when the customer needs a solution?

If you are supposedly in the ‘dull’ niche, you need to carefully analyze your niche and come up with solution-oriented content.

As a content marketer, you first need to question why the customers are coming.

Well, have they just bought a new dog?

Are they looking for other alternative grooming products for their dogs?

This kind of information would help you in coming up with the right content for your online customers.

Providing them with the best solutions for their problems, you will be able to position your online business as the solution they have been looking for.

As A Content Marketer You Need To Know How To Kill Two Birds With One Stone, That Is By Being The Teacher As well As The Solution Provider!

The next step is to get people to engage with your content. How do you do this?

You need to carefully research the most common questions that most people are asking about on your ‘dull’ niche.

The best places to find out are on Quora and Reddit. Here you will not only find the most common questions but instead, you will get to discover people’s misconceptions in your current niche. You need to leverage on them.

It is important to note that the kind of stories and topics you write about should always depend on the kind of audience that are in your niche.

Apart from Quora and Reddit, you can also use Google Alerts. It will help you to quickly learn the most recent published content in your niche, thus helping you to come up with interesting content ideas for your blog.

Here’s how you use Google alerts;

Visit Google alerts at

Make a list of your niche’s keywords, so as to create alerts. Note that the more keywords you use for your specific niche the more ideas you will be able to get for content inspiration.

If you are having a hard time coming up with many keywords, this should not worry you. By using the ‘search operator’ on Google Alerts when creating alerts, your one keyword would generate multiple results.

Well, if you are still struggling to come up with interesting content you can try reading this ebook to Discover how to write articles for profits!

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In Summary Here Are 5 Ways That You Can Do To Spice Up Your Boring Niche Blog.

  1. Always be useful.

Your audience would most certainly appreciate it!

The more information you provide to your readers, the more useful your content will be plus the more likely it will gain more readership and eventually generating more new customers.

  1. Try to be as broad enough as possible.

Just because your business or whatever you are promoting is in a specific niche does not necessarily mean your blog should rely on that!

For example, if you are promoting dog grooming products, you are not just addressing people who are interested in buying the dog grooming products, but instead, you are addressing a much bigger audience that you may have not originally thought of.

This is because you are also addressing people; who are more into pet lifestyle, some may like to spend most of their time outside just dog walking and many more.

There is actually a wide range of topics that you can write about and still manage to attract the right audience to your blog. Therefore, you need to sit down and figure it out!

  1. Always be visual.

Always try creating video tutorials or infographics explaining how your products work in order to hook your readers.

  1. Study your competitors’ blogs and learn from them!

You can spy on your competitors’ blog and see which of their topics get more reads, then take advantage of that and be creative.

  1. Be a part of a community.

Try building a community with your readers in order to create a healthy blogging atmosphere.

Connect with a larger community and try to gather information from other people’s conversations if you want to shine in your boring niche!

In conclusion, you can make use of the internet, find online magazines or ebooks and read them while relaxing. This way you will not only get more ideas but you will gain more knowledge and share them on your blog to impart the knowledge to your readers.

This is what makes you a good blogger!

Someone once asked me what I do when blogging becomes boring for me, “well I said I just take a book and read and the magic inspiration drops in!”

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