Why I Quit Using Facebook Ads & Turned To Sneaky Ways To Promote My Blog!

Paid ads suck! Everyone has their own personal complaints about them.

I myself complain about Facebook ads all the time and if you say you have never complained about Facebook ads then I call it BS.

I know Facebook dominates the digital marketing advertising space; despite this, I no longer use their ads.

I stopped putting all my time, effort and money into trying to run profitable and successful advertising campaigns on Facebook, in favour of other alternative ways of advertising and getting traffic to my blog and affiliate products.


Why I First Chose Facebook Ads as my first love before I decided to quit!

  • Facebook ads are so easy to set up.
  • For beginners starting out on the Facebook ads, it is very easy for them to set up since there are lots and lots of video tutorials out there on YouTube where you can learn basically everything you need to know.
  • Facebook ads targeting is very clear and specific. It specifically targets the user’s interests and behaviours.
  • Its data analysis is great; it’s easy for you to see what’s really working and what’s not.

Well, it’s sad that most people who are just beginning their online ventures of making money online believe Facebook ads is the only way they can get traffic.

Facebook ad traffic is temporary the minute you turn it off, you turn off your traffic.

The saddest part is that if you only depend on Facebook ads for traffic then be sure the second you turn off your ads, nobody will be able to see your blog, products, services or whatever you are promoting.

This is like putting the entire success of what you are doing on a company that controls your entire success – putting all eggs in one basket!

They are the ones who determine whether you are making money or not and this is NOT good!

Despite that, if Facebook sucked all the money out of you and wasted all your time and efforts. Then it’s high time for you to finally move on and just find a better way of advertising!

I know some may not care about how much they spend but instead, how they keep on being thrown around by Facebook through their constant algorithm changes.

Well, today you wake up and find out that sharing photos on Facebook would get you more engagement, so what do you do?

You end up finding/creating photos and pasting your link above the photos but what happens next? New rules!

Facebook adjusts its algorithms in favour of links being shared the old fashioned way.

So once again you adjust and start sharing links and using clickbait headlines so as to attract many people, however, a majority of them end up being disappointed and you also end up losing money for the ads.

Just when you realize how to use click-bait headlines to attract people and make them stick around.

Facebook goes ahead and burns such headlines and you end up looking for other alternatives.

Then it comes to your attention that Facebook memes get lots of engagements, and you jump over to it and with time you realize the engagements are meaningless and once again the big boss comes in and bans the use of memes!

In the end, you come to realize Facebook news feed algorithm is always going to be there and is most likely going to get worse as more and more people and business join and what really matters is providing high-quality content that appeals to your targeted market.

sneaky post 2

I must confess great traffic to my website is extremely important!

After years of hard work I realized I let Facebook ads determine my future success.

Do you know what’s even hard?

Trying to sell your products/services to people who don’t know you based on their interests but not their needs!

With Facebook ads, it’s easy to think you are finding success but when reality strikes in you find the opposite – total failure;

  • You tried boosting those posts that were getting good engagements – no results!
  • You tried to create a fan base by targeting their specific interests – they joined your fan base but no one feels like spending, I guess they want free stuff (sadly).

You may have tried everything on Facebook ads but nothing seemed to work, there are hundreds of reasons why they never worked! Maybe the problem is in your ad copy, landing page, imagery, and the industry you are into, the bidding or maybe it’s the product itself!

Let’s agree on this, Facebook ads are definitely not for everyone!

Running ads that really converts and bring a great return on investment it’s really hard; however, success does not come that easily.

But do you know what else is hard?

Creating a successful website that attracts good traffic is too!

Just as Facebook, blogging has been “survival for the fittest.”

Having tried almost everything but all went to be a complete failure. I have learnt two great and very important facts throughout my experiences in my online journey.

  1. No matter what, success is possible.
  2. Marketing on Facebook is not a necessity.

sneeky in blog

There is no formula for success; however, there are certain must-have traits that will guard you in achieving your goals;

  • You must feel the need to compete!

Successful people obsess over coming up with different strategies to get their leg up the competition. Therefore, if Facebook ads don’t work, then there are better ways you can advertise with! You can try Pinterest, Reddit, Quora or any other site.

Having the competitive drive of doing more than anyone else out there should be your pursuit.

  • Have the capacity to let go and refuse to be defined by your failures.

Being able to let go of something that is not worth your time and money without trying to convince yourself otherwise, would surprisingly lead you to achieve your set goals.

Learn fast and move on!

Successful people are not anchored by their failures/past experiences.

  • Have a great passion for self-improvement.

You should always strive to be better than you were yesterday.

  • Learn to pay attention to every detail, never assume.

Apart from Pinterest traffic, I have stumbled upon very many sources of traffic, some end up being a total waste of time while some have delivered quite well.

Through my failures and efforts to come up with different effective ways that I would promote my blog, I came to discover one great tool that I have been ignoring and that’s Google and no it’s not what you are thinking (Google Adwords).

Before I would go any further I would like to say that, if you are selling any product/service then Google is the best place to be in compared to Facebook.

Yes, Facebook has its fair share of advantages however on Facebook you only target peoples interest, but not a guarantee they would really be interested in buying what you are offering.

When it comes to Google, this is the first place people visit whenever they have a problem and they are looking to find a solution, therefore you should be there ready to offer them the best solution!

Having said all these, the question still remains unanswered “If not Google Adwords then what?”

Well after trying almost everything I finally decided to put my focus on backlinks to generate great valuable traffic.

Do they still work? Absolutely!

It all depends on the sites you are using to generate backlinks, the quality of the site does matter.

Plus you will be on the safe side of the ever-changing Google algorithms, so in simple terms the quality of the site which you use to generate backlinks matters a lot.

Backlinks play a very important part of the SEO algorithm. So when tools are developed to make the SEO a lot much easier we surely should take notice.

So where do I get the backlinks? Simple, on Social bookmarking Sites!

Social bookmarking sites are one of the best places for digital marketers. They bring out another way where people can search, discover, gather and organize their WebPages of interest.

Social bookmarking sites help build quality backlinks, which would boost your page ranking thus taking you to page 1 of the search engine.

The following are some other advantages of Social bookmarking sites;

  • Boost traffic

Some great bookmarking sites can send you way more traffic than you expect.

Your traffic can go viral to an extent of crashing your server. Sites like Reddit have proven this fact.

  • Increase Your Domain Authority.

Your site’s domain authority would increase with the number of quality backlinks generated from the DA sites.

Pinterest is arguably the most popular Social Bookmarking sites. Besides Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit there are other great social bookmarking sites that you can try today.

The following is a list of only the best and quality social bookmarking sites you can use today;

Social Bookmark Sites Number of users


Over 25 million users.
Digg Over 8 million users



Over 5.3 million users.

We heart it Over 30 million users


Diigo Over 7 million users




Over 3.7 million users
Scoop.it Over 1 million users




Over 600K users


Over 15 million users.


Bookmark feeds


Sky backlinks.


Crazy backlinks


Mozy links








Biz sugar








In conclusion, I would greatly recommend that after joining these social bookmarking sites, it is important to first take your time to read their own set rules and make sure you understand them and follow them carefully in order to avoid being banned or your content being marked as spam.

Feel free to comment below any other great ideas that would help others succeed in their online venture; Let’s Inspire To Inspire!

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