How To Create Viral Content In 30 Minutes! – Content Creation.

I have always had the desire of becoming a great content creator.

If you are reading this blog post then it’s very likely we share the same desire.

BUT maybe you are not sure how to start and manage to outshine the rest of the content creators, or maybe you are having a rough road in content creation thus affecting your confidence in succeeding.

Whichever the case, this blog post will remedy almost all of your content creation concerns and give you an ultimate guide to content creation that would set you to the right path towards online success, without having to invest all your money!

You will have the answers to this and many more;

What is online content creation?

What does it mean to be a content creator? 

What are the content creation hacks? e.t.c

Content Creation 1


At the end of this article, you will get a purpose, clarity and focus!

My main life goal has always been centred around inspiring others to make their lives a masterpiece, by imagining no limitations on what they can do to be able to achieve.

A great content marketer experiences about 7.8 times more traffic and have higher conversion rates than the rest of the average content marketers.

But How Do You Move From Being Just Good/Average To The Best At What You Do? – Make sure to read the whole blog post to discover!

At times or perhaps most of the times, you may be faced by the constant battle of trying to come up with a fresh, relevant and beautifully crafted engaging content.

What does this mean?

This means that you need to carefully understand everything about content creation starting from the basics to the most advanced part!

This may seem like a waste of time to many but trust me, the willingness to learn would transform everything you knew about content creation and make you be amongst the successful content creators out there, who are creating an insanely good content!

By now it’s no secret that an epic content is the master key that opens the door to traffic, links, sales, subscriptions and social shares!

Every single person who visits your platform wants to be dazzled, inspired, informed and most of all engaged.

So without going any further, we need first to get a better understanding of who is a content creator?

Of course, it’s a person who creates content but what type of content?

There are several kinds of content creation which include; web content (blogs and landing pages), YouTube, books, ads and movies e.t.c.

Do all these make sense? If not then stay hooked …

Well in terms of content marketing, a content creator is responsible for creating, editing and managing contents, whose main goal is providing valuable information to their readers, listeners or viewers thus influencing purchases of the offered products and services.

This is what it means by content creation in marketing!

content creation 2

So Why Should You Become A Content Creator This 2019?

There are 3 obvious reasons as to why you should become a content creator;

  • If your main goal is to start making money online then creating content should be on top of your list of ways of making money online.
  • You will have the opportunity to build your brand and reputation!

Whether you write, make videos, take photos or produce podcasts then the content is the best way to show the world who you really are and what you offer.

Quick Tip.

The fastest way to attract people that are going to affect your online business directly is through creating good content that is centred on what you care about!

Most people tend to love creators who are very passionate about what they do.

This way people tend to get quick gasps of what you really care about thus noticing the quality of your work.


For beginners who are just starting out or those who have already started but feel like giving up due to no results, you need to know that every content creator should have the main trait of being patient!

Things can start off very slowly but if you do it right you will find the breakthrough to success and you won’t believe that you have finally made it!

Do you know what motivates me to keep pushing on even when the going is tough?

Is the fact that I am able to live by my own terms as a content creator, I work when and where I want to. This motivates me and gives me a feeling of satisfaction!

So How Do You Become A Content Creator?

  1. Know who you really are!

The most important thing before becoming a content creator is that you need to carefully think and know who you really are.

This includes finding out what you know, what you care about and what you are really good at.

This may not seem important but trust me it really is!

If you get this part wrong then you will find things being very difficult. Why?

You will always be swayed to try and emulate another person’s success rather than choosing your own unique path to follow.

Figuring who you really are will give you the opportunity to find your own unique selling proposition and you will have a unique voice in your niche.

“The original is always the best!”

“Never let anyone tell you what works for you and choose what path you should follow – allowing them will make you end up not believing in yourself and finally quitting along the way”.

  1. Discover where you fit in the competitive world of content creation.

This is also as important as the first point.

Before jumping into the competitive world of content creation whereby in every minute a day:

Over million blog posts are posted, Youtube content creators are uploading 500 hours of new videos and over 3 million Facebook posts and Instagram photos are uploaded! You need to know where you fit in.

You can see how competitive it is to work as a content creator, therefore putting all thought into this is highly important.

These numbers should not demotivate, you instead it should challenge you if others are making it why not you?

content creation 3

Therefore it is critical to find your niche and dominate in it!

If you think you are in a “boring niche” therefore you feel like it is hard to come up with great content, then visit this blog post on boring niche secret weapon to find out the best strategies to apply on your “boring niche” (Don’t worry it will open in a new tab so you will read later)

Being patient and putting good effort at what you do as a content creator, will give you the opportunity to grind for 3-4 years then live the next 10 – 70 years, without having to work a day in your life – this is what we call passive income.

You should remember that not everyone who gets into the online arena automatically wins.

Your actions and daily decisions are what guarantees you to get a passive income and attain online success.

If you are like the many other ignorant people out there, who think that being a content creator especially blogging is such a waste of time especially this 2019 and years to come, then you should probably ask yourself Why Is Google The Number One Most Visited Website In The World?

The answer is very simple people have lots of problems that they want solving so they turn to Google for solutions!

So ask yourself what if you create great content that solves their problems, what do you expect?

When people go on Google to search for answers, will you be there?

If you are still wondering what’s the point of all this talk on content creation blah blah blah…

Then ask yourself if you found a way that would allow you to generate a monthly profit of about $1 to 10,000 a month only through creating content, then this is the whole point!

You think this blog post is too long for you, or maybe you just want to jump to what you think is the most important part then be my guest.

This is how most people end up struggling or giving up in what they do – the inability to stay focused and learn then applying what you learnt! – Knowledge is the key to success.

Content Creation 4

This Is A Summary On How To Become A Great Content Creator And Start Making Money This 2019.

  1. Start Now. Do not procrastinate!
  2. Stop pretending, avoid faking it – find your own unique voice.
  3. Avoid over saturated niches.
  4. Become a search oriented. Always be up-to-date.
  5. Learn to listen and understand your audience. (Put yourself in their shoes).
  6. Improve your skills.
  7. Write often, the more content you have the more visitors (traffic) you attract to your content.

To find out how to create content that is a must read, visit this post on How to Exploit the Power of Seduction to Create a Viral Content. (Don’t worry the link will take you to a new tab so you can read later)

The following are 2 content winner templates that are most likely to get more views.

  1. Long list posts.

Creating content that provides readers with a long list of an educative post such as “50 ways to making money online” readers would most likely click on to it because you are providing many options for them to go with.

  1. Creating Ultimate Guides.

Ultimate perform very well because they provide users with all the needed information on a single topic in one place.

It saves time for readers who are busy since they don’t have to keep searching on the web for information on a certain topic.

The following are FREE content marketing tools that every content creator should use:

  1. Google Drive Research Tool.

This is a brilliant resource that would help any content creator to create killer content, that would spur value plus it is backed up by credible sources which would boost your online presence.

How do you use Google Drive Research Tool?

  • Click onto tools on the Google menu bar.
  • You will see a drop-down menu. Click on Research. OR
  • Go to Google Docs in your Drive.



This is a free tool (has some paid add-on features) that allows you to search for hashtags and determine its popularity and how it can be used.

  1. Grammarly. 

This is a grammar tool and an all-in-one spellchecker that is better off than Microsoft Word.

It helps its users to be able to write a mistake-free content almost anywhere on the web. Be it on Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn e.t.c

It does this by scanning your texts for the most common and complex grammatical errors.

  1. Anchor.

This is a free social media platform for audio.

Anchor app allows users to create audios and video recordings that can be easily shared.

  1. Canva.

This is one of my favourite tools for creating social media graphics.

It allows users to design and create high-quality images using their templates, layouts and design elements.

It is free and easy to use.

Content Creation 5

In conclusion, strive to be amongst the content creators who are setting the bar for creativity this 2019 by learning how to master the proven strategies of content creation.

This will help you avoid costly mistakes thus becoming successful in what you do!

These articles have broken down the various strategies that I have not covered in this post. Click on them to read more… they are a must read for all aspiring to be great content creators.






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