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Are You Trapped In Financial Struggles? Which is better: Employment on a full-time job or Being self-employed.

My honest truth is that, I hate having to work a 9-5 job.

However, at some point when I think about it, I like the idea of it: the comfort, the security but it is just not for me!

Well, I don’t mind working with people to get things done in a 9-5 job, but I just don’t have the desire to win the approval of my superiors.

I realize we all have different opinions. Some of you may be more comfortable being in a situation where other people are responsible for their earnings because you find security in that. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But as for me my mantra is always to lead from the front and do it my own way.


A lot of people dream of running their own company at some point in their lives, but they are still working to help build someone else’s assets.

If you are part of this group, it is high time you asked yourself, “why are you not working for yourself ?”

Let’s assume you are too focused on saving more money for the rainy day. Well, it makes sense and saving is definitely smart but it is not going to help you make money!

What you are doing here, is making a fixed income and just putting money aside and when the rainy days come you might find yourself using all of your savings and end up with nothing and no other sources of income apart from your 9-5 job, which will take you right back to square one!

The Worst Feeling Ever Is When You Think You Have Adjusted Then Things Go Back To Square ONE!

Why then don’t you invest your money in your business, well you don’t have to quit your 9-5 but at least this way you will watch your money grow!

I know its hard to get something started, but you have to take a chance. It might not take off immediately but that does not necessarily mean that you are a failure. Just be patient and let your business find its footing!


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To get rich is not all about being employed or being an entrepreneur BUT it is all about the value of the assets you own.

However, to achieve your own freedom of having to do whatever you want, whenever you want without anyone’s permission is what distinguishes a successful entrepreneur from other successful employees.

I mean, why should you be rich and still feel like you are in a cage?

What’s the purpose of being rich?

So how do we face our small demons, and decide to take the risk of starting something of our own?

Doing what everyone else does, tends to create a sense of security. And when we decide to go another way and start something of our own, we have people telling us it’s risky. That there is a chance of failure. That we have to work too hard.

Most of us are trained and made to think that we should be perfect.

This thought is what kills our inner ability to start something of our own!

This thought leads to the following:

  • Procrastination.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Poor planning.

You should be determined to face these inner demons and go ahead to make it big through hard work, tenancy, sheer will and being at the right place at the right time with the right idea in mind!

In conclusion, becoming successful in your own business is more about your psychology, mentality and determination. You should focus more on setting and achieving small incremental business goals rather than trying to instantly build your business vision.

self-employment ideas 1
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You will also learn:

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  • How to effectively build your brand & start generating sales.
  • Best email marketing strategies to implement on your online business.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
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Do Romance Novels Break or Build You? – Find Out Here, You Will Be Surprised!

I’m sure you must have heard the common statement of the romance novel haters “Romance novels give unrealistic expectations about love”

Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. However, given the chance the romance novels do more than that, they have great benefits which I have shared at the end of this article.

There’s a beautiful feeling of being able to read an epic romance story and fantasies about them in your head rather than watching it on screen. WHY?

Reading allows readers to picture the ideal character stretching all the way from how they kiss to how they talk, walk e.t.c it easier for you to imagine at some point that you are the character thus bringing a sense of entertainment to the reader.


You feel romantic novels don’t deal with “important issues”?

Well, according to Psychologist Alexis Conason romance novels help most readers to be able to identify their personal desires and build confidence in themselves. They are an exploration of love!

At the heart of it all, they do show readers how to appreciate the concept of love by acknowledging the fact that being affectionate is what every human thing craves for, thus empowering them to be open-minded.

Admittedly, not every romance novels share these features some may be so flat and some very entertaining, this is why you should always take your time to find the right author or book that you feel you so much relate.

According to Fong, romantic book readers understand other people so much better than those who don’t read.

romance quptes3

You think all romance novels are all the same? Absolutely not!

In taking a great romantic journey with your romance novel from steamy catchy descriptions of racing heartbeats, display of a beautiful magic of happiness, love and loyalty readers get a better chance of exploring thus learning important life lessons such as being able to make mistakes in love and solve them, how to communicate and most of all loyalty both personally and with your partner.

A great romance novel has the ability to provide lessons for people of any age whether you are 20 or 50 there is always something significant to be learned, thus stretching the relationship we have with different people who may extend beyond romance to friendship and family life.

romance quotes2

Here are my 3 main reasons why I love romance novels.

  1. They explore all the different types of love.
  2. They help me gain a much better understanding of relationships.
  3. They are more than just sex.

Are you in a relationship?

The following are 3 reasons why romance novels would help strengthen your relationship:

  1. Improves a couple’s ability to empathize.

Empathy is what makes us be able to make joint decisions as couples, forgive each other without holding grudges and assist in conflict resolution.

Romance novels increase empathy thus helps a lot in improving people’s ability to be able to empathize, through reading other couple’s experiences which in return help you to better understand each other.

  1. Creates better communication in couples.

The romantic stories not only need to entertain you but also give you something that would be of value in your relationship.

Well, obviously romance novels come with romantic relationships and conflicts but it is the couple’s fights and misunderstandings, confusions and crossed wires that show couples how these miscommunications begin and how they can avoid them. This is a great learning experience for couples.

  1. Great way to improve your sex life and take it to the next level.

Erotic romance novels that are filled with titillating foreplay, steamy sex scenes, and sexual tension would really help in inspiring new ideas in your sex life.

They would not only inspire new ideas but instead, they would create a healthy sex life between couples.

A healthy sex life equals a stronger bond in couples. According to research, most couples lose interest so fast from their partners because of boring sex.

If you feel like your interest in sex is declining then try reading an erotic romance novel it will most likely help you.

Having shared all the advantages that may benefit you from reading romance novels, it is very important to take note of the fact that you should control yourself.

Try to limit yourself from becoming over addicted to erotic romance novels, since they may bring out some negative effects.

We are proud to support romance novels, below it’s a list of some of the best romance novels that you should definitely take a look at.

You can download them in digital formats that way you will read them and entice yourself secretly without being judged.

  1. Cross The Line.

Have you ever read a book which you kept wishing it never ends, then this is it!

The book is well written, thoughtfully devolved and plotted!

The story is about Phoebe. Phoebe has been in love with his brother’s best friend Nate ever since they were young teens, she was five and he was nine.

She tried every way possible to seduce Nate, and make him notice her but unfortunately for her, nothing seemed to work Nate never acknowledges her existence.

Nate is a handsome and very protective man. The book doesn’t say much about Nate, we don’t know what he is feeling or thinking. We are also kept in the dark like Phoebe, however, this really helps in connecting with Phoebe.

Nate joined the military and disappeared for 10 years, however, Phoebe remained obsessed with him and couldn’t think of anyone else other than him.

She still had hope that somehow when he returned he would finally acknowledge her and love her as much as she did.

After years of waiting for him to come back, she finally convinced herself to move on and hate Nate with the help of her best friend.

Does she forget him? Or Will Nate ever love her?

Not only is this book so fun to read, but it is also very interesting due to its twists and turns that would keep you from putting the book down.

The book is full of adventure, comedy, and romance. I would find myself smiling on my own like an idiot, laughing out loud and groan audibly in frustration while reading this book.

I must say the author Julie Johnson is hysterically funny! Herself insights were very entertaining.

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  1. Weekend Book Series by Barbara Powell.

If you love an amazing book series that leave you wanting more, then grab this book series!

Book 1: My First Weekend.

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Book 2: My Weekend Away.


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Book 3: My Tropical Weekend.


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Book 4: My Secluded Weekend.


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Book 5: My weekend at Home.


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Deadly Purpose Book Review – Fiction, Thriller & Suspense.

Deadly Purpose

Series: The High Sierras

By: Diane Benefiel

Category: Fiction, Thriller & Suspense, Romance.

Published January 23rd 2019.


This book brings a complete turn of events, I must say the immediate suspense drew me right in!

The author has managed to craft one exciting, interesting romantic ride that is full of twists and turns.

The book contains two main characters who meet unexpectedly. We have Meghan Bennett desperately running for her life and in the process, she decides to go to her father’s cabin where she thought no one else but her knew about.

Struggling with her nasty flu she finally arrives at her father’s old cabin, but to her surprise, someone was already there, Declan Murphy an attractive tall, handsome, bearded man. Meghan tries to convince him that the cabin is hers and he needs to move out, but all Declan sees in front of him is a gorgeous pissed-off woman.

I wouldn’t like to give more spoilers however, I must say the High Sierras setting was great and the chemistry between Meghan and Declan sizzled off from page to page making it more and more interesting to read.

I must say both characters were very strong and dynamic with interesting backgrounds and very cautious about what the future holds for them.

The book, in general, has a very descriptive narrative that is well written from page to page.

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Bad Penny Book Review (Fiction & Romance).

Series: Smart Sexy Nerds.

By: Jocelyn Adler

Category: Fiction, Romance, Erotic.


When I first read this book I thought “This book is masterfully done and it should be made into a movie!” This is my personal review.

This book is about a young lady called Penny. Well at first her life seems perfect; an interesting job, a great landlord who happens to be her roommate and her best friend too. But just when Penny believes her life was perfectly stable, everything changed all at once!

Her best friend wants a kid with her; her boss wants her to change her career position. At some point in the book, Penny seems lost and lonely with some of her life choices hunting her. Well as you read along, the book becomes even more and more interesting.

Penny is a character of her own heart. She has a contemporary character and is able to deal with difficult situations that may come on her way. Well apart from that she is a sophisticated female character, a modern woman comfortable in her own body, she always knows what she wants and has no problem getting what she desires.

Apart from her dominating career path, she’s a lover of Netflix, comics and is a fashionista of tank tops with no bra!

Apart from her active sexual life, all she ever wants is to be in a relationship with someone who is willing to respect her career choices as well as her dominating equally.

The book is well-written; there are some twists and turns making an interesting storyline, an amazing tempo and tension. You get to see the character in all manners, through her perfections, her flaws and faults. She has a degree, life has had a fair share of difficulties, and she goes to therapy e.t.c.

The thought of a young lady having to deal with so much hit me clearly in this book. It is so easy to fall in love with Penny!


What I Didn’t Like About The Book…

There are so many characters in the book although they play a significant role in Penny’s life.

There are so many hot steamy and witty scenes in this book, thus one may accidentally focus on them instead of the protagonist internal conflict of Penny.

However, if you enjoy female characters who are sexually active and are not ashamed of their sexuality this book is definitely for you.

Why not let this young lady’s journey of love be your guilty pleasure today!

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