How To Escape The 9-5 Job & Be An Unflappable Entrepreneur!

If you are fed up with your 9-5 job, what are you really doing about it?

Well let’s face it, busting your ass for someone else does suck! Having to come home exhausted only to go back the following day and subject yourself to the same shit is not a great feeling!

Furthermore, if you look at your earnings, they usually don’t directly correlate to how hard you actually work and to make matters worse you feel like you have very little freedom.

But, why do so many people end up working the typical 9-5?

Please note, I am not looking down on those who are perfectly happy and feel satisfied with their 9-5 jobs, but it is definitely not for me, I just want more.

I may be over ambitious but I know for a fact that 9-5 is definitely not my thing, now and in future.

I want to feel a sense of purpose and most of all I want complete freedom to do what I want and whenever I want!

I don’t want to find myself living for Friday and dreading Mondays!

  • I want my future success to be a direct result of my hard work.
  • I want a sense of pride knowing that my success did not come as a result of depending on someone else.
  • I want to have the freedom to have time for my family and travel whenever I want. This is through living my life more on my terms, rather than someone else dictating when and how to live my life.


Every day there are millions of workers around the world reluctantly waking up to their alarm clocks and hitting snooze repeatedly.

During the day they find themselves consumed by the pressure to meet goals set by their bosses, the expectations which are set by their co-workers and the unrealistic need they place to themselves of wanting to meet everyone’s demands.

They eventually find themselves coupled with stress and terrible lifestyle habits from their 9-5 jobs and in time they get caught up in a hamster wheel of life just struggling to chase success and stable lifestyle without realizing the consequences.

Is this what you really want?

Most people think that to be happy we need to work extra hours, we need to secure a promotion in order to be able to buy bigger fancy cars, get a nicer home and go on mega holidays but does this guarantee a happy life for you?

Considering you have to really work your ass off, for someone to award you these opportunities.

Well, I am definitely not naive!

I do know that no job is perfect!

I know that you have to go through a lot when you have your own business.

  • The reward is higher and so is the risk!
  • There is no guaranteed paycheck deposited in your account monthly or weekly.
  • There are no bonuses, benefits and raises every year.

Even though that’s the case I believe the potential positive outweighs the negative that may come from working for yourself.

If you are feeling the same then it’s high time you wake up and start acting on what you really want!

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