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The Boring Niche’s Secret Weapon To Take Advantage Of This 2019!

How do you get people interested in your content when they are not looking to solve any problem?

We all know the one golden rule for bloggers is to write your blog in such a way that your readers remain interested, but the biggest question is how?

A lot of content marketers usually find themselves in this challenge of presenting interesting content, that would spark interest to readers who don’t need your solution.

However, it is important to realize that just because they do not need your solutions doesn’t necessarily mean that they never will!

Based on this fact, you need to understand;

  • Your main role – Your job is to create content that will get people to the next stages of the customer journey.
  • Know the current stage of your customer.

This would help you create content that best suits your real customers at that present time.

For example, if you are selling dog grooming products that means you are probably dealing with pet owners, therefore, you can go ahead and create content that would provide tips on;

‘How to prevent dog allergies’

‘How to effectively groom your dog’ e.t.c

Well at some point these pet owners who have been following up on your blog posts would have gained trust in you, and they would view you as an expert in that field.

While doing this, you should make sure you are collecting your visitors emails, thus in return target them through email marketing.

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If you are not sure how you would do this, read this ebook Email Profits Formula

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What happens when the customer needs a solution?

If you are supposedly in the ‘dull’ niche, you need to carefully analyze your niche and come up with solution-oriented content.

As a content marketer, you first need to question why the customers are coming.

Well, have they just bought a new dog?

Are they looking for other alternative grooming products for their dogs?

This kind of information would help you in coming up with the right content for your online customers.

Providing them with the best solutions for their problems, you will be able to position your online business as the solution they have been looking for.

As A Content Marketer You Need To Know How To Kill Two Birds With One Stone, That Is By Being The Teacher As well As The Solution Provider!

The next step is to get people to engage with your content. How do you do this?

You need to carefully research the most common questions that most people are asking about on your ‘dull’ niche.

The best places to find out are on Quora and Reddit. Here you will not only find the most common questions but instead, you will get to discover people’s misconceptions in your current niche. You need to leverage on them.

It is important to note that the kind of stories and topics you write about should always depend on the kind of audience that are in your niche.

Apart from Quora and Reddit, you can also use Google Alerts. It will help you to quickly learn the most recent published content in your niche, thus helping you to come up with interesting content ideas for your blog.

Here’s how you use Google alerts;

Visit Google alerts at https://www.google.com/alerts

Make a list of your niche’s keywords, so as to create alerts. Note that the more keywords you use for your specific niche the more ideas you will be able to get for content inspiration.

If you are having a hard time coming up with many keywords, this should not worry you. By using the ‘search operator’ on Google Alerts when creating alerts, your one keyword would generate multiple results.

Well, if you are still struggling to come up with interesting content you can try reading this ebook to Discover how to write articles for profits!

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In Summary Here Are 5 Ways That You Can Do To Spice Up Your Boring Niche Blog.

  1. Always be useful.

Your audience would most certainly appreciate it!

The more information you provide to your readers, the more useful your content will be plus the more likely it will gain more readership and eventually generating more new customers.

  1. Try to be as broad enough as possible.

Just because your business or whatever you are promoting is in a specific niche does not necessarily mean your blog should rely on that!

For example, if you are promoting dog grooming products, you are not just addressing people who are interested in buying the dog grooming products, but instead, you are addressing a much bigger audience that you may have not originally thought of.

This is because you are also addressing people; who are more into pet lifestyle, some may like to spend most of their time outside just dog walking and many more.

There is actually a wide range of topics that you can write about and still manage to attract the right audience to your blog. Therefore, you need to sit down and figure it out!

  1. Always be visual.

Always try creating video tutorials or infographics explaining how your products work in order to hook your readers.

  1. Study your competitors’ blogs and learn from them!

You can spy on your competitors’ blog and see which of their topics get more reads, then take advantage of that and be creative.

  1. Be a part of a community.

Try building a community with your readers in order to create a healthy blogging atmosphere.

Connect with a larger community and try to gather information from other people’s conversations if you want to shine in your boring niche!

In conclusion, you can make use of the internet, find online magazines or ebooks and read them while relaxing. This way you will not only get more ideas but you will gain more knowledge and share them on your blog to impart the knowledge to your readers.

This is what makes you a good blogger!

Someone once asked me what I do when blogging becomes boring for me, “well I said I just take a book and read and the magic inspiration drops in!”

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Here’s Why Bloggers Should Exploit The Power Of Seduction To Create Viral Content!

Seduction is a game of psychology; the best part is that anyone can become a master of it!

They say for you to catch a thief you must think like a thief, well this point closely relates to a seducer and a blogger.

Just like in the game of seduction all that is required is to view the world differently, through the eyes of a seducer! And a true seducer is always willing to do anything to win, well this relates directly to a blogger, you need to put yourself in the eyes of a reader and giving up should never be an option– A true seducer knows this and a blogger should know this secret to. This is why I love everything about seduction!

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Good online content is one thing but great content is another…

What best describes a great content?

Great content is one which is well-written; it is addictively readable, touches all the right places, hits right at home for its targeted readers thus converting like crazy.

An effective online content has the potential of building relationships, which build trust and trust leading to more recommendations, purchases, and subscribers. This is what successful writing is all about.

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Seduction requires expertise, persistence, and readiness to give your best before you get something in return; the same applies to effectively blogging …

Your content must be interesting, intelligent, sexy and most importantly addictive! – Keep it this way: The first part should be to grab your reader’s attention, the second part is keeping them hooked on the page and the last is to nature them and making it very irresistible for them not to take action (subscribing, purchasing e.t.c)

Every seduction has its 2 key elements to Instant Blog Profits. Are you ready?

They include:

  • Yourself and what is seductive about you.
  • Your target, actions, and effort that you are willing to put in order to penetrate through their defenses thus making them surrender to you!

Blogging is dynamic, and to be able to master the art of blogging you must learn these 2 key elements of seduction and apply them directly.

A quick walk through to these elements, a blogger should know who they really are, understand your passion, understand what makes you unique from the rest and this is what will make you original and different from the thousands of bloggers out there. Whether this may take months or hours to learn, follow the slow and steady rule of seduction.

“Success does not happen in one big burst; it occurs in small increments, a slow build to greatness.”

Once you’ve learned all these then you must know your target and take action and effort to sway readers on your way. How will you do this?

You will have to know and understand your readers; know what they like and want and most importantly their behaviors. This step is very important since it will really help you in coming up with the right content and deliver it in a way that is very captivating thus building great anticipation to your readers.

As a blogger, you must keep in mind that you can’t tell readers to choose you, but instead you need to pique and intrigue interest making them realize it on their own, this is very important! You can achieve this through the 2 elements of seduction which is a powerful persuasive tool.

Achieving this goal would lead to more people engaging, but do you know what that means? It means more and more views, brand awareness and more purchases.

Put All the Pieces Together

A high-performing online content does not usually have one factor that stands out, but instead, it has many pieces which contribute to its success (shares, conversions e.t.c)

It all starts with a high-powered irresistible (clickable) headline which would greatly inspire the readers’ interest.

What happens next after you manage to hook them with your headline? What keeps them moving through your content? Well, it’s how well your content flows. This is where most readers make their biggest mistakes!

In order to avoid these mistakes you must avoid the following:

  • Very long paragraphs.
  • Awkward paragraph breaks.
  • Being too technical or too simplistic.
  • A very formal writing tone.

Connecting all these pieces together will help you graduate from a just OK article into a high-performing and high-powered content that would generate massive success.

The following are some 5 main secrets of a high-performing online content:

  1. Add More Detail.

This does not necessarily mean that you should write over 3000 words, only a very few readers will stay hooked till the end. However, if you focus on keeping your content straight to the point thus giving your readers all the important details, that is the top secret to a high-performing content.

  1. Always write about something that you are more familiar with.

Whatever niche you choose to blog about, you must make a point of keep learning about it. You will always write the best content online when you tackle the topics which you are more familiar with, the more you know, the greater value you will be able to deliver to your online readers.

  1. Learn To Introduce A Conflict.

Your content will be more engaging whenever a reader faces conflict! You can achieve this by intriguing your online readers with some real problems that they may be facing, then give them the best solutions to them.

  1. Make Your Contents Effortless!

You can achieve this by creating great content that is easy to read and follow without getting lost somewhere in the middle. Try to avoid passive language and adverbs.

  1. Add suspense and curiosity to your articles.

In order to achieve this, it all starts from the headline this will greatly help in building a sense of anticipation. However you should be a man of your word, if you make a promise on your headline you must deliver in the content.

Content Marketing For Bloggers.

To bring out your best in content marketing you must think like a seducer!

You must know that charismatics have certain unusual confidence within them, they rely on the power of words and are larger than life thus, they say they have an extra presence. As a content marketer, you should know and learn these traits!

Just pick a cause and a vision and show that you are willing to stand by them and not be swayed away from your main goal. When done right, you will generate more qualified traffic leading to consistent conversions.

Good content marketing could lead to a breakthrough however, you need the slow-and-steady number one rule of seduction; to build rapport, understand your readers’ pain points and show them exactly how you can meet their needs through content creation.

Content marketing should entice your readers, then move them into a committed relationship, once you have managed to seduce your readers, you have to strike and seal the deal, if you wait too long you may miss an opportunity thus leading to no conversions/purchases.

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Be willing to play the long game for you to win it big – thanks to authentic seduction.

This Is How You Can Make Your Online Content More Alluring To Your Readers – 6 Ways To Alluring Your Readers:

  1. Always provide value, this really helps in creating lasting memories!
  2. Nail your headline.
  3. Create actionable content and show your readers how to apply the information.
  4. Entice your readers with eye-catching images. This will give you more views plus shares.
  5. Always use analytics to help you know your audience. This will help you determine what they are most interested in. People are always giving out signals of what they lack therefore you have to tune in these signals thus helping you plan strategically how to get their attention.
  6. Create infographics, have pictures or videos which best illustrate your points.

Please Note: A high-performing article inspires action and this should come in the form of a call to action.

Here are some important questions that every content marketers should ask themselves:

What is the next action you want your reader to take once he/she has visited your blog?

What is your main goal for writing your article? Are you writing to convert them into email subscribers? Or are you writing to influence a purchase through clicking to a product page?

No matter what you answer is, you should know the only time content marketing does actually work, is when it is tied to conversion marketing as illustrated below:

Quality Traffic + Consistent Conversions = Online Profits

If you want your online content to perform better you definitely need to get the right traffic, and for you to funnel qualified traffic into conversions you need to understand what your targeted audiences are searching and the keywords they are using.

It is the right content that gives you easier access to this kind of traffic in order to generate consistent conversions thus giving you vaunted online profits. This is why good content marketing could be the breakthrough you have been waiting for.

You must follow the rules of seduction to help you choose the right traffic. The following are the 3 golden rules of seduction:

  1. Choose the right victim – once you have chosen the right victim, make them come to you!
  2. Approach indirectly – You do this through your content.
  3. Master the Art of Temptation!


What skills do you need to build a great content marketing funnel?


If you would like to know the top classified marketing secrets that no marker wants you to figure out just click here, you will be directed to an online program that will give you great marketing information and Discover The Classifieds Marketing Secrets that will change your whole approach to marketing thus achieving online success.

In conclusion, what will definitely seduce a person is the amount of effort we expend on their behalf. “Seduction is not all about the culmination of desire it is about the thrill itself. It is the mind game played as the desire present itself closer and closer maintaining the tension of wanting for a long time.” Study this and analyze it that’s when you will get my main point!

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This Is Why Amazon Affiliate Program Is Not Worth Your Time!

It’s No Lie Amazon Is The Global Giant Dominating The E-commerce World! But Is Their Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

Read along and decide for yourself!

Apart from Amazon, can someone make money from other affiliate programs and generate huge sales commissions and guaranteed payment?


In today’s world there’s no perfect affiliate program out there, however, there are a few which have managed to beat the odds!

“Ambition is always the first step to success, the second is action”

I decided to write this review based on my personal experiences on affiliate marketing success of how I turned my rough affiliate journey, into a success story.

Before I decided to put all my entire focus on affiliate marketing and quit my previous job, I sat back and did massive research to find the perfect strategy on how I would attack this market and thrive, considering it is a performance based on your online marketing strategy. I knew I had to put great work into succeeding since I love expensive.

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“You Can Decide To Work For The Boss Or Work To Be The Boss”

Every time I researched I always stumbled upon Amazon affiliate marketers and would see YouTubers swearing on how Amazon affiliate program transformed their bank accounts to 6-figures.

Well, I must confess this made me more motivated and very inspired although, I came to learn it’s not as easy as they made it look.

Trying to figure out affiliate marketing on your own can be very tricky, plus waking up to see no sales, could be a very devastating experience, especially if you poured all your effort the whole night. I still know how it feels, it’s been 2 years now but the feeling is very fresh!

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“Success Comes From Consistency”

Today I’m going to show you 3 reasons why I quitted amazon affiliate program and jumped over to a much promising program that is untapped.

Before we jump into that, its best we highlight the key features which make an affiliate program worth trying, so you don’t end up spending all your time and efforts for something that is not worth.

4 Must-Have Features For A Good Affiliate Program Summarized:

  1. Proper payment method for affiliates.
  2. Proper affiliate link for each product.
  3. Proper promotional and a full-fledged affiliate panel.
  4. Provides you with the best customer tracking link and affiliate manager is important.

My experience with Amazon wasn’t that bad. I could get a decent amount of income, but when I discovered the secret on how to tackle the market as an affiliate, I could now manage to earn over $500 in just a day. This may seem small to some. Nonetheless, I must say this changed my life and my general view of things.

I know most of you are wondering if Amazon was such a great success to me, why then quit when it’s already a global giant that dominates the e-commerce world.

The following are my main 3 reasons as to why I quit Amazon Affiliate Program and decided to focus on other Affiliate Programs which are worth my time and effort;

  1. Low Affiliate Payouts.

Amazon affiliate program commission is very low as compared to other programs. You are only allowed to start with a minimum of 4% going up to 8.5 % based on how much you sell.

Due to the low affiliate payouts, it may take a while to get fully established compared to other affiliate programs. It took me around 18 months to start earning real income through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

  1. Link Cookies Only Lasts For 24 hours.

Well, if a customer contemplates the product or goes ahead to explore other alternatives thus ending up not adding the product to cart, you only have 24hours for him to return to make a purchase through your link.

If not, you will end up not making money even though it is your link that led to that purchase. 24 hours is definitely not a long time! Considering most other affiliate programs allow you a minimum of 30 days.

  1. There’s a lot of competition.

Amazon Affiliate Program is so popular that you find almost every 8 to 10 people are in it, thus creating stiff competition between the affiliate marketers. You may find a product on movers and shakers that are performing very well in the market; however, it’s loaded with almost every Amazon Affiliate and some of these affiliates maybe more established as compared to you.


Over the years I have worked as an affiliate, I have had good, great and worst times and throughout this process, I have learned the common mistakes we as affiliate marketers make, and how you can avoid them.

“Never Be Afraid Of Failure, Be Afraid Of Not Trying”

The Following Are Some Common Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing, That I wished I Knew Before!

  1.  Trying to get money right away.

It takes time and constant efforts to start earning your desired cash. If your main goal is to get rich the next day then this not where you want to be.

There are a few times when I felt like quitting after spending a lot of my time and money on ads with no return, it’s truly a terrible feeling that I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Those who have been here can attest to this.

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You must establish yourself by:

  • Getting good connections.
  • Being able to generate a significant amount of traffic.
  • Having great content if you are a blogger.
  • Built trust on the social media.

This surely doesn’t take a day or a week. In fact, it might take you months, but if you are self-disciplined and determined to break against the odds you will definitely make it, trust me!

2. Joining any or every affiliate program that comes on your way

3. Choosing a niche that has great competition or has zero interest on. This would really cost you and in the long run, you may end up quitting.

4. Not writing product reviews.

5. One source of traffic.

6. Flooding your posts with too many affiliate links. Google does not like this, plus this will look unprofessional.

Here’s how you do:

  • Place your link only once after every other subhead section.
  • Place it either once or twice in your body.
  • Post it at the end of your review/post as a call to action.
  1. Choosing the right products to promote.

A quick tip on this would be, checking the customer reviews. This way you will be able to tell which products are worth promoting and spending time on.

“Be A Game Changer, The World Has Enough Followers”

“Work While They Sleep”

“Learn While They Party”

“Save While They Spend”

“Live Like They Dream”

9 Essential Ebooks That Every Affiliate Marketer Should Read For Online Success.

The main keys to success for affiliates and online marketers are to invest early on your time and tools to help you succeed.

Well having said this, you have to ask yourself;

  • Do I know the right tools that I would need in order to succeed in my online venture? If yes…
  • I’m I willing to embrace the necessary tools?

Being able to step up and own your decision for being an affiliate, drop shipper, online marketer or a blogger, entails some life sacrifices that mostly involve spending in order to get the most valuable tools to succeeding online.

Real online marketers/affiliates need to ask themselves what they don’t know and take action to correct it.

The following are cheap ebooks that I have found to be very beneficial to most affiliates including me:

  1. The Commission Smasher For Only $19.95.

Here you will learn the art of generating great commissions. This ebook contains a step-by-step training course, on how anyone can build a highly profitable business by selling other people’s products.

What will you learn from this ebook?

  • The secret formula for generating massive web traffic.
  • How to choose highly profitable products to promote.
  • How to build an effective email list right from scratch.
  • How to convert new and already existing customers into leads that would in return act as potential buyers to your vendors’ products.
  • Master the method of turning visitors into buyers.
  • Killer review writing techniques.

This ebook comes with a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

  1. Email Profit Formula For Only $19.95.

This ebook gives you the opportunity of discovering how to get profits from a highly-targeted mailing list.

You will also learn how to start collecting leads and getting active subscribers who would respond to your offers.

Apart from all these, you will also learn;

  • How to create a massive email campaign.
  • Critical steps to building a highly effective squeeze page. These steps guarantee winning squeeze pages.
  • Proven step-by-step strategies to instantly solidifying your place within your market by building brand awareness and confidence with your email list.
  • And so much more.

The ebook comes with a professionally recorded video series that includes the following:

  • Different types of effective Promo Emails you can write.
  • Why writing responsive emails would determine your marketing success.
  • Mistakes to avoid when writing promo emails.
  • How to format your emails for easier reading.
  • How to get your readers to taking action.

Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

  1. Underground affiliate profits for only $29.95.

Here’s what you will learn;

  • How to get tons of traffic for free.
  • How to set up profitable affiliate campaigns.
  • How to choose the right products to promote.
  • How to get started with little to no investment.
  • How to convert traffic into buyers (killer tips for tuning more of your visitors into buyers).
  • Quick & easy steps to setting up wildly profitable reviews.
  • And so much more.

Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

  1. Facebook Bandit For Only $29.95.

Here’s what you will learn;

  • A complete system for getting traffic and making money with Facebook.
  • Learn all about Facebook Business ads.
  • How to find a profitable niche and right products that most people on Facebook would want to buy.
  • Advanced Facebook targeting methods.
  • A quick and easy technique for creating an amazing Facebook ad copy that really converts.
  • My sales “hijack” strategy.

It comes with a special bonus “Facebook Training Success Pack”

fb bandit bandle

Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

  1. Snapchat For Entrepreneurs For Only $19.95.

Here you will discover how you can leverage the power of Snapchat in your marketing to get more attention, generate more leads and make more sales.

You will also discover why;

  • Snapchat is one of the best marketing channels (how & why you should start using Snapchat for your marketing).
  • How to increase your Snapchat followers.
  • 15 great tips for getting more from Snapchat.

Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

  1. Instant Blog Profits For Only $19.95.

Here you will learn step-by-step how to blog for profits as an affiliate. There’s so much you will learn from this ebook.

Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

  1. Classified Marketing secrets For Only $19.95.

Here you will discover top marketing secrets and tips that would really help boost your sales as an affiliate/online marketer. Click here to find out more.

8. Affiliate start mechanic For Only $29.95.

This book is based on the success of a super affiliate who shares everything he does on video to generate great sales plus passive income.

It gives you a solid foundation you need to start making money online as an affiliate marketer.

You will also learn how to;

  • Enjoy consistent earnings.
  • How to spot the very best affiliate marketing opportunities before your competitors.
  • Rules that will help you squeeze maximum cash profits.
  • How to lay the foundation you need to become highly efficient and highly profitable.
  • What every affiliate marketer should know to be successful PLUS a complete blueprint on how to make money online.

Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

  1. Advanced Traffic Blueprint For Only $29.95

This ebook lets you learn advanced techniques that would successfully drive thousands of visitors to your website and get fast profits through exclusive video tutorials.

Click Here to for more info about the ebook.

In conclusion, choosing to get more knowledge on what you are doing, would not only help you attain great success but instead, it will create a better you! Investing as little as 19 dollars will do you no harm if what you are getting in return is something that would help you for the rest of your life.

This is what I know from my experience; if all you want is FREE, then be sure you will never be among the top ballers!

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